The manosphere welcomes you and your sparkling brethren.

The red pen of justice is vibrating in anticipation of this particular post.  Admittedly, when going into the “Manosphere” it makes it shamefully easy to brandish the RPJ.  I again make mention of the insipid nature of the WordPress reader function because it takes me to some really horrible sites on the internet, usually engaging cringe reaction followed by my SIWOTI reaction and then usually, hilarity ensues.

(update October 2014 – This douche weasel deleted his blog, so I linked to what was captured in the Internet Way Back Machine instead.)

The hilarity this week will be a natty new site called The New Patriarchy – A Gender Manifesto for the Next Generation. (Pro-Tip: If you don’t want your MRA bullshite deconstructed and laid bare to the world don’t use the feminism tag in your post)  The title of the blog should have been enough.  Red flags! Warning! Warning!  Inversion of reality alert!  Raise Shields!  You know, all that jazz.

*sigh* – I could not resist and was drawn into the swirling vortex of pants-on-head stupid…  Oh well, I tried keeping it over there, but the conversation quickly drew to close.

Battered with inconvenient facts, you know like women are people, the Patriarchy is actually a bad thing,  egalitarianism is not the devil et cetera – Transcendiaryknight flames out and flounces in his own comment section.


I’m going to repost his last comment on the thread, annotated with the RPJ, of course.  But here, gentle reader,  is where I ask you to join me in the fun and find your own red pen of justice and post your own response to Mr.DairyKnight and his noble launch into the “manosphere“.  Post your work in the comment section or link to this post with your replies.

Okay, lets get busy! Mr. DairyKnight front and centre please… [TW for Strong Language]

“I don’t have time to go through all the points in your response,[Oh! All those contrary facts!  They highlight how shallow and crappy my arguments are.  These criticisms are harshing my delusional-MRA mellow!] but I have dealt with people like you [You mean people who call you on your shitty arguments and thinly disguised misogyny?] before and its not worth the time[because my precious man fee-fees trump reality dontcha-know, and arguing against strawfeminsim is soooo much easier]. You will continue to reject everything I say[because it so amazingly wrong, as in fractally wrong.] because you feel insulted[projection much?] because my beliefs and experience[like your beliefs and experiences give you the right to say horribly stupid shite and expect not to get called on it? I guess the Manosphere provides training wheels for hard things like arguing cogently.] do not match closely with yours[Indeed, I think women should be treated as autonomous human beings that deserve full rights in society]. I am not interested in arguing [oh that was abundantly clear early on]with arrogance[someone who took your bad arguments and showed you how bad they actually are].

Just because you can provide internet links to someone who may have the same opinion as you as “evidence”, does not make you right either[ no, there is no default I win button for linking to sites, but, linking to sites that provide evidence and definitions that support my arguments is how adults argue, cupcake].

My main concern with feminism[as defined by cupcake] is that a growing percentage of sex-starved[oh wow, you went there – so thats what you launch into the “manosphere” is all about; women not being fuck-toilets for your manly seed] beta males[which is code for “I’m a lecherous creeper”] (sex-starved due to women’s abundant sexual choice[certainly not because you’re insinuating that women should be your fuck-toilets] are starting to drop out of society[Really? Taking your balls and going home?] like flies (witness the economy crashing around you[that would be due to the increasingly corporate nature of governance – but hey I could be wrong]) and focussing on ‘hunting’ women for sex[Oh so rather than getting  jobs sex starved beta males are setting up the Creepy McPerv-Stalking Society, so they can get all rapey-sexy on the evil women that have emasculated them?  What an shining example of pro-social behaviour.]  rather than trying to ‘buy’ a woman with his ability to earn[WTF? How about treating women like human beings and appealing to them with your good qualities.  Of course then you’d have to admit they deserve rights and equality, we certainly can’t have uppity fucktoilets around now can we?] – why else would should[ed. “she”] be with him [Wow its almost like you know what all women want, it totally isn’t like you set up an imaginary straw-woman and argue your woman-hating points against it] when there are an endless supply of stronger alpha males[because human society is completely like a wolf-pack, btw that alpha/beta wolfpack shite is out of date, and is not how wolf society works, but misrepresenting science is the least of your concerns, trust me cupcake.] who she can fuck[What is with all the fucking?  Why do you reduce women to fuckable objects, unless of course that is what you think they are only good for…] on demand?

Men have found another way of getting laid and it doesn’t involve working long hours just to have some bitch use [It’s nice when MRA’s finally dispense with any sort of subtly and let their irrational hatred stand in the spotlight] and manipulate you[oh you mean being a respectable, ethical, hard-working human being is just right out! ]! This mass exodus of men from the workforce obviously[only to you and the rest of the “manosphere”] has some pretty big implications[more creepy stalkers, wheeeee!] for society and needs to be considered[yes, this argument is considered to be bunk].

As for your comment about my arguments being at odds with reality[the evidence presented would back this particular claim], I suppose that depends on what your perspective of reality looks like[Yeah, empirical reality – facts matter cupcake and you don’t get to play all po-mo relativistic dude] and I’m sure its vastly different from mine[oh you did go all po-mo, full marks for fuckwittery].

Ps. for your own sake and mine, please don’t waste your time replying[Absolutely! Now I will dedicate my time to showing how atrocious you are at arguing and how shitty your arguments actually are here on my blog] as I’m done with this argument[that is because outside of the “manosphere” your arguments are considered by rational people to be baseless, unsupportable shite, that can be boiled down to your hatred of women and the ways that ‘evil women’ ruin your life]. Go and prove your ‘evidence based’ theories to someone else [Okay, that is exactly what I am doing here Cupcake. Welcome to the internet…oh..and of course the “Manosphere!].”

Ah, another RPJ post in the books.  I always feel better after the final edit is done :)  Oh, and don’t forget to write your own RPJ – riff off of the above  or go to the fiery nexus of fail in person and glean some of your own MRA “wisdom” to dismember(there is a second post just as ripe as the Launch, trust me) and deride.