Woo!  It is lock out time for the NHL and not a moment to soon.   The great showdown between millionaires is about to begin supported by the gullible hockey fan.  Just take in the love they have for fans as they gouge you for parking, beverages and food.  Oh and ever higher ticket prices, let us not forget that.

Damage from another lockout will occur almost immediately, and there is no telling how jilted fans and sponsors will react to another shutdown, especially if it stretches through the fall and into the winter.

Management’s latest offer has a short shelf life. Once the lockout begins, Bettman says the economic damage would cause owners to offer players a less beneficial deal.

Players currently receive 57 per cent of hockey-related revenue, and the owners want to bring that number down as far as perhaps 47 per cent — which is an increase from their original offer of 43 percent.

“The fact is, we believe that 57 per cent of HRR is too much,” Bettman said.

The union offered a deal based on actual dollars, seeking a guarantee of the $1.8 billion US players received last season. Annual industry revenue has grown from $2.1 billion to $3.3 billion under the expiring deal.

Players are concerned management hasn’t addressed the league’s financial problems by re-examining the teams’ revenue-sharing formula. Having made several big concessions to reach a deal in 2005, the union doesn’t think it should have to make more this time after record financial growth.”

It is you, the fan, paying for all these rubber disk chasers and yes you might be pissed off now, but you’ll come crawling back and they *KNOW* that.  Maybe this time they won’t spread rice on floor before you prostate yourself once again to the hockey gods, and you’ll be happy.