For a concise rundown of all the religious based stupidity going on in the Middle East please follow this link to the CBC where they have set up an interactive time line of all the idiocy that has, and continues to unfold, over a really bad film.

People are going nut-butter crazy over this.  This?

I had to skip through it, and I like bad movies.

“Arbourist,” they ask me, “Why oh why do you attack religion so much?”  Do I really need to answer that (again) now?  Being the pedant that I am, of course I will answer that.

Religion is the methodology/mind set that allows nominally rational people to believe in and thus partake in pants-on-head stupid things.

Let’s sit back and let that soak in.


Is adhering to a secular rational mindset the cure-all for problems of religion.  No, but it would be a great start.  Allow me to illustrate:


Person #1: OMG did you see that American Film it makes fun of our religion and Mohammad!!

Person #2: Our godhead cannot be bismirched with such bally-ho, the unbelievers shall pay for this, lets burn their shit down.


Person #1:OMG did you see that American Film it makes fun of our religion and Mohammad!!

Person#2: A collection of bronze age mythology cannon by definition be offended by anything, much less by a risible film made by rejects from the Soylent Green factory.

Person#1: But the offence, the Blasphemy!!

Person#2: Err…if this god existed and was all powerful, this film would not exist.  If nothing is being done by said godhead, then it must be okay by her.  Oh and BTW, usually when you hear calls of blasphemy it corresponds to really crumby ideas being called out for being crummy ideas – this is a good thing and society will advance when we put outdated and useless beliefs behind us.

Person#1: Oh…well maybe I should write a letter to the editor or  blog article then defending why I’m so offended….

Person#2: You could, but then you could be held up for ridicule because you’re attempting to get bent out of shape over perceived slights to your imaginary friend.

Person#1: I never thought of it like that, maybe I’ll just focus on reality and try and make my small part of the world a better place for everyone by caring for and respecting others.

     *victory for freethought and rationality – humanity thrives forever et cetera*

   I know which conversation I’d prefer…