Military-Sexual-Abuse-1     The military, like any defined group in society, has a distinct set of extrinsic and intrinsic operational guidelines.  Misogyny is still rather prevalent in the system as an article from points out:

“The Pentagon has talked a lot about putting a stop to sexual abuse and harassment in the military, including abuse carried out by general officers. Yet a new report from the investigative arm of Congress finds it’s mostly that — talk. It catalogs how the military still hasn’t fixed a host of systemic obstacles that contribute to sexual assault and make it less likely for survivors to get help.”

The rest of the article details the glacial progress toward something resembling a reasonable policy regarding institutional sexual abuse in the military.  Note that this should be a “slam-dunk”, but isn’t.  Consider why this is.  Then consider why Feminism is still necessary in society today and for the foreseeable future.