Recently, I started volunteering with the Rescue 100 Horses Foundation. They’re a group that formed several years ago when a previously well-established Arabian breeding operation went under and left all its horses to starve. The original hundred horses have all been fed up to healthy weights and found homes, but unfortunately there are still cases of abuse and neglect and there’s still work for the foundation. My volunteer duties are (1) to socialize the horses, and teach them that when a human shows up in the pasture, it’s a good thing; and (2) photography.

There are currently three foals in care, who were born last spring to mares who came in pregnant. The rescue has brand-new baby pictures of them, but nothing current. The other day I went out to get some current pictures, and discovered that photographing baby horses is even more challenging than photographing puppies of the same age. They are curious. They are rambunctious. They want to nibble on you. Unlike puppies, they weigh several hundred pounds and have pointy hooves that they kick with when they are startled. I didn’t get very many quality shots.
chestnut horse nose (Kate)
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