snakespro     Almost all of us have had one.  You race away from what you happen to be doing we the grand expectation of someone you know coming to pay you a visit for a coffee or whatever.  But no, it isn’t like that at all.  It is a stranger and their goal is to test your politeness and patience while they ramble on about trying to save your soul and getting to know Jebus and all that hullabaloo.

Another unhappy feature of this is that these proselytizers are usually so damned nice about the whole thing.  So despite the fact you happen to be imagining opening one of your own veins and spraying them with your blood while commanding your high-lord Beelzebub to rain hell fire down them, instead one tends to smile back and politely nod and just wish that they would go away.

I find the door knocking proselytizers to be such a troublesome situation to deal with appropriately.  Of course inappropriate responses cost more socially speaking, but seem to be a touch more satisfying.

I’ve always gone the polite route, but does anyone else have some slam dunk suggestions for dealing with situations like these?  I’d like to increase the size of my bag of tricks, so to speak.