wilya-homs-large    There is no morality to be found in religions and their scriptures.  It is a human being who interprets the words and it is human being that makes the decision to x or y – no religious magic involved.  So what is happening in Palmyra with ISIS is a testament to how religion enables truly shitty human behaviour.

“ISIS militants have blown up two ancient tombs they consider sacrilegious in Palmyra, a 2,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site in central Syria, the ultra hardline Sunni Muslim group said on Tuesday.

The report was the first of any damage being done by the militants to buildings in Palmyra since they seized control of the city, also known as Tadmur, in May. Syrian forces have bombed the city, and the militants camped within it, since then.”

Destroying world history because someone interpreted the tombs to be sacrilegious.   This is some zany shit we are dealing with here – the lesson here is quite clear, and quite obvious:  When the religious are in charge all bets are off and nothing is safe, not even history from the perverse ideals of radical religious thought.

Boiling down all the hoo-haa we can see that, at least in the case of ISIS, the religious piece is there for the sole reason of keeping people in line and most definitely not thinking for themselves.  What reason can be supplied for destroying tombs that isn’t irrational?

Of course, destroying archaeological, is small potatoes in comparison with the recent acts of violence in France and Tunisia.  How much more evidence is required before the West will decisively act and put an end to ISIS and their extremism?