Oh hey, if you have not zipped over and read the whole article on the New York Times, you should.  The attitudes expressed and the hurdles women face are replicated in almost every occupation and fascinatingly enough the dudes in charge seem pretty “OK” with the situation.

“There had long been a strange sort of omertà on talking about the gender disparity. Even though women watched things getting worse, said Helen Hunt, the actress and director, it was hard to speak up: ‘‘Women who say it’s not O.K. are wet blankets or sore losers.’’ When I began reporting this article several months ago and asked some male moguls in the entertainment industry for their perspectives, they shrugged the issue off as ‘‘bogus’’ or ‘‘a tempest in a teapot.’’

‘‘Not that many women have succeeded in the movie business,’’ one top entertainment boss told me, while insisting on anonymity. ‘‘A lot of ’em haven’t tried hard enough. We’re tough about it. It’s a hundred-year-old business, founded by a bunch of old Jewish European men who did not hire anybody of color, no women agents or executives. We’re still slow at anything but white guys.’’

When I phoned another powerful Hollywood player to ask about the issue, he said dismissively, ‘‘Call some chicks.’

    Yep.  Go call some chicks…  Indeed.

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