Hey Folks.  First things first.  Please go here and donate to the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, they are being defunded because of the actions of a male piece of shit transactivist that has decided that men really need to be allowed into a woman’s rape crisis centre.

Don’t care how much you give, just give.  Women need access to female only spaces for their protection.  Demonstrate to Morgane Oger and the BC NDP that the safety of females takes precedence over the feelings of men.  This is so important.


Did you want to see male entitlement in action?  Here we go in twitter….

Outrageous! Utter tripe.  This is where legislating the bullshitty-nebulous concept of ‘gender identity’ leads.  The defunding of services for women (Adult Human Females) in our society.  We’re taking away funding from rape shelter because they refuse to fall into lockstep with the male delusions that somehow have been put into law here in Canada.

Yep, because establishing your own spaces is hard.  Colonizing and excluding females from the spaces they build for themselves is much easier.



See how smug this asshole is?  This is your gender inclusive ‘feminism’ in action.  Centring around the needs of men and kicking women to the curb.  This denial of biological reality  and female safety is a disgrace and must be rectified.  Gender legislation based on male delusion needs to go far,far away and the sooner the better.