There is nothing kind about affirming the magical pronouns of others. Reinforcing the detachment from reality in others is quite the opposite of being kind.

There is nothing kind about endorsing the idea that if a man calls himself, by ‘she/her’ pronouns then suddenly he becomes an adult human female. This is not possible as human beings, in the vast majority, grow down one of two developmental pathways. Either you produce (or have the potential to) large immobile gametes, or you produce small mobile gametes and the related bio-mechanical infrastructure necessary to potentially pass your genetic material on to the next generation – also known as being female or male.

Sex is immutable in the human species and does not change regardless of how strongly you happen to believe in gender identity magic.

So, by not using the wrong pronouns for males and females you make the statement that you have a commitment to comporting with the reality we all share and maintaining said reality’s grounded attachment to the world of fact.

It is okay to say, “No, I don’t believe in the pronoun rules associated with gender identity” (and the larger notion of trans gender ideology). It is okay to reject the delusional notion that men – because they feel like women – actually are women. You are rejecting the gender-orthodoxy that is profoundly damaging to female safety, rights, and spaces within society. In time, your stance will be applauded as it comports with reality we share.