Wow.  And yes this is just another day on Twitter.  The evils of GC women are exposed in this mega-tweet that is completely hinged and dedicated to accurately describing reality.

Gender Critical women oppose the presence of men in Rape Crisis centres because – surprise – most women have been abused by males and do feel safe around them.  Having people around just like the ones that abused you isn’t really a secure and therapeutic environment.  Go figure?

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of GC women do not condone rape as an outcome for anyone – male or female.  Most would support spaces and services that cater to the needs of trans identified males and the problems they face in society.  Where the ‘no-go’ exists is the blatant colonization of female-only spaces and the desecration of female boundaries by men who claim, by fiat, to be women.  (Did you want to support a female led and female only rape crisis centre here in Canada – go to Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter page and help them out).


The only ones that are insisting on putting men in female prisons happens to be the Federal Government of Canada, who have a keen ability to seemingly not be able identify male sex offenders correctly and happily place them in a female prison, a nice target rich environment for them to continue their abuse.   Did you want to stop the abusive policy of putting men in female prisons?  Find Heather Mason on twitter and find out what you can do to reverse this disastrous policy decision that jeopardizes female safety within Canada’s prisons.

Trans existence has never been in doubt.  The whinging of entitled males continues to reverberate through Canadian society at the detriment to female boundaries, services, and safety.

Men should be in the male prison system regardless of how they identify.  No one has the right not to be responsible for the choices they make in society.  That is how being an adult works.

Thanks for coming to this installment of trans hyperbole translations – sadly there will be many more upcoming episodes.