As an Educator I wonder about the appropriateness of scheduling a talk in an elementary school by someone who gets off by shitting in a diaper and then drawing furry art about that very act. Reduxx has featured a piece about what is happening here in Canada:

“Since then, Labelle has posted photos from inside school classrooms and libraries where his events have already taken place, all of which seem to primarily involve an audience of young children.

While the names of the institutions Labelle has already spoken at have not yet been confirmed by Reduxx, a post by Labelle on the French-language Facebook account for Assigned Male states the schools were in Gaspésie, or the Gaspé region of Quebec.”


“But in February of 2021, Labelle came under widespread scrutiny after it was discovered that he had quietly been producing and posting diaper fetish art on stealth social media accounts, including “furry art” site FurAffinity.

WafflesArt, Labelle’s now-deleted alternate online persona was an “adult baby/diaper lifestyle” and “diaper fur” art account which published Labelle’s drawings of anthropomorphic baby animal characters modeling in diapers, onesies, and behaving like toddlers. The art is part of a fetish subculture known as paraphilic infantilism in which adults become sexually aroused by acting and dressing like babies.

Internet sleuths from KiwiFarms were the first to connect Labelle to the accounts using post history and art style. Facing the beginnings of a scandal, Labelle attempted to “come out” as a ‘little’ on Facebook — a person who role-plays as a child during sexual encounters.

“Littleness and littlespace are mindsets in which adults regress to carefree and responsibility-free safety,” Labelle wrote in the post continuing, “In the past, many trans people’s lives, especially trans women’s, have been broken after being outed as littles, which is why I chose early on to avoid mentioning it.” He also stated the purpose of roleplaying as a baby served the purpose of “connecting” with an “inner-child” for transgender people.”

It gets worse…

Labelle’s attempt to quell the outrage didn’t sit well with many social media users, a few of whom uncovered that a portion of Labelle’s art had used photos of real babies for reference, with Labelle seemingly tracing directly over the picture of actual children to create his fetish art. Labelle would later admit to doing so.

While Labelle then attempted to insist the art was not sexual in nature, social media users interrogating the images noted that many appeared to have overtly sexual connotations, including one which showed a character in an open diaper lying with its legs spread on a changing table, and another which appeared to outline the vulva of the character through its diaper.”

Yeah.  Let’s be clear here.  This is not progressive – not in anyway or any world.  More pressingly this is an individual that should not be within a country kilometer of children.  Ever.


Reduxx reached out to Librarie L’Alphabet with regards to the April 30 event featuring Labelle and was able to confirm the event was geared towards young children, but a store supervisor stated “no comment” when presented with the potential safeguarding issue.

Reduxx also reached out to the Eastern Shores School Board and the Commission Scolaire des Chic-Chocs, two administrative bodies responsible for primary schools in the Gaspé region. This article may be updated in the event either can confirm Labelle’s appearances at any of their facilities.”

There be the fetishist in elementary school, safeguarding be damned.  This isn’t inclusivity, diversity or any of the other bullshit buzzwords that attempt to provide cover for this type of miscreant behaviour.  What it is, is simply inappropriate for elementary school audiences.