This is the work on the ground that needs to be happening Canada wide.  The push-back against gender ideology does not happen by itself.  Stickers on lamposts are enough to trigger witchhunts here in Canada apparently.   This thread from twitter de

🧵For TRAs confused about women stickering

Just over a week ago, a terrible crime was committed in downtown Ottawa, when a group of women allegedly went around putting stickers on lampposts with messages such as:

woman = adult human female


Keep Prisons Single Sex

This prompted a local member of the trans community to do some detective work and name several Twitter accounts, my own included, as suspects. The blog post contains some wildly inaccurate misrepresentations of the gender critical movement./2

The best quote is this one:

“they’re trying to frame trans rights as being at odds with women’s rights”

There is no more perfect example that trans rights are “at odds with women’s rights” than saying that the dictionary definition of woman is a transphobic hate crime./3

If women cannot even define themselves without being accused of transphobia, that’s a clash of rights. If we cannot advocate for our society’s most vulnerable women to have female-only prisons and shelters without it being a transphobic hate crime, that’s a clash of rights./4
This conflict won’t be resolved by flinging wild accusations of transphobia at us. We don’t care anymore. You’ve overused it to the point that it’s now completely meaningless. I take it as a compliment. Just means I stand up for women and children and I’m not a deluded crackpot/5

And as for this:

“that’s what they want: for people like me to be scared. For people like me to “stay in our lane”, be out of sight, or better yet – not exist at all.”

We want nothing of the sort. We simply want to be able to define ourselves without being accused of hate./6

We want our voices to be heard. We resent being redefined as an insulting set of stereotypes, and having our right to female-only spaces taken away from us without even being consulted. We resent having to pretend to believe in your pseudo-religious cult of gender identities./7
We want the right to say we don’t believe in gender identities. Canada is a liberal, pluralistic society, and freedom of belief is one of our fundamental rights. That means you are free to believe pretty much anything you like, but you cannot force that belief onto others./8
Just as a flat-earther doesn’t have the right to force me to believe the Earth is flat, or a Scientologist doesn’t have the right to force me to believe in thetans, you don’t have the right to force us to believe, or pretend to believe, in gender identities./9
We resent that one day, not only were we forced to believe in something we know isn’t true, but also we were forced to give up the safety and protection of female-only spaces for the sake of that something which doesn’t even exist./10
We were also supposed to pretend that children possessed these non-existent, imaginary gendered souls, and that if a child possesses a mismatched one, the answer is to sterilise them and permanently alter their bodies. We were forbidden from questioning this practice./11
So, as the Canadian mainstream media is too cowardly to report our side of the issue, we started sticking stickers on lampposts. In the hopes our message will reach people. Make them think. Make them ask questions. We don’t care if it offends you. We have a right to be heard./end