Why do adult male entertainers want to ‘perform’ in front of children? Short answer: Recruitment.

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“Before the last year or so, two terms you wouldn’t have expected to encounter together are “drag queen” and “early childhood education,” but we’re now about three years into a full-fledged Communist revolution in the Western world, which has made it not only commonplace but shoved all in our faces. Here we are in the midst of June, “Pride Month,” 2022, and the Leftist collision of drag queens and young children has been center-stage all month long, including in schools. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the idea of using drag queens, or specifically a program called Drag Queen Story Hour, as an intentional educational methodology in schools isn’t just some fringe activist project but also appears in the scholarly education literature. In this unbelievable episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay reads through an academic paper, “Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood,” in the journal Curriculum Inquiry. In light of this paper, it is virtually undeniable: what we’re dealing with in schools is Marxism, specifically Queer Marxism here, and it has turned our schools into Groomer Schools.”