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Unsurprisingly the CBC seems to be completely on board with uncritical reporting of Drag Queen story hour and how men in woman-face wearing sexualized clothing and make up interact with children.

One truth about male child sex predators is this – They always go to where their prey is.  Whether it be a Priest or Drag Queen the need for child safeguarding remains the same, maybe more so the case of DQ’s because no established accountability structure exists.

But let’s go through the CBC story, line by line to see exactly what’s going on over there in CBC land.

   “Drag is everywhere — and it has never been more popular.”

According to whom, exactly?  Seems very much like a personal opinion as opposed to anything resembling fact. 

“Across the country, performers are bringing their art to events like drag brunches, drag story time at libraries, and shows at local gay bars. But with this increased visibility and popularity has come backlash, in the form of hate.”

If we’re just throwing opinion around here which obviously the hosts of CBC Now or Never are, here is one.  Most adults don’t know or care about the increased frequency of Drag Events.  What puts it on the radar for most adults is when children and youth are the target audience for a Drag Queen event. 

   Men in womanface are first and foremost adult entertainers and purveyors of adult entertainment.  They, if their motivations were transparent would have no justification for interacting with children in their ‘professional’ capacity.  Unless of course there were other reasons: (see the full text here)

“In just the past few months alone, drag events in Windsor, PEI, Nelson, Calgary, Guelph — and more — have been cancelled or rescheduled due to threats of violence. And in Tennessee, a law just passed that bans drag shows in public spaces.”

It would seem there is some contention in our society about the value of adult entertainers interacting with children.  It would be beneficial to have a lively public discussion about what exactly happens at DQSH and the concerns/questions for all those involved.

“Drag is happening in communities big and small, and it’s not going anywhere.”

Sound like a challenge.  Did you really want to encourage more acrimonious behaviour within Canadian society?  Keep poking the bear of mainstream Canadian opinion (i.e. continue fucking around in order find out).

One of things the LGBTQIA+ ‘community’ cannot abide by is debate or criticism of what they think should be part of normal society.  Tough beans, all contentious issues merit debate in a free and democratic society.



Groomer Schools 4: Drag Queen Story Hour

Why do adult male entertainers want to ‘perform’ in front of children? Short answer: Recruitment.

See the paper and analysis here –

“Before the last year or so, two terms you wouldn’t have expected to encounter together are “drag queen” and “early childhood education,” but we’re now about three years into a full-fledged Communist revolution in the Western world, which has made it not only commonplace but shoved all in our faces. Here we are in the midst of June, “Pride Month,” 2022, and the Leftist collision of drag queens and young children has been center-stage all month long, including in schools. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the idea of using drag queens, or specifically a program called Drag Queen Story Hour, as an intentional educational methodology in schools isn’t just some fringe activist project but also appears in the scholarly education literature. In this unbelievable episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay reads through an academic paper, “Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood,” in the journal Curriculum Inquiry. In light of this paper, it is virtually undeniable: what we’re dealing with in schools is Marxism, specifically Queer Marxism here, and it has turned our schools into Groomer Schools.”

The letter is UK specific, so you’ll have to append some sections regarding specific UK gender magic organizations – but the rest is all good.



Our libraries are once again hosting “Drag Queen Story Hour” events which is being presented to families as fun and child-friendly entertainment even though drag queens are adult entertainers and overtly sexual in their presentation. Mirian Cates, in a recent speech, pointed out the implicit safeguarding risk of outsourcing. There is a clear safeguarding risk here, as well as the risk of consequential reputational damage.

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is currently very fashionable and is presented as a way of teaching children about diversity and inclusion and building LGBT acceptance.


I question how this is achieved by DQSH which does not challenge stereotypes, offering instead a narrow and unrepresentative introduction to the LGBT community. Furthermore, it is homophobic to suggest that gay men like to dress as women.

I am also concerned about the potential for DQSH to have negative impacts on women and girls. Presenting young children with adult men dressed up and behaving as hypersexualized parodies of women will influence children’s view of women, to a greater or lesser degree.


As a performance genre, drag essentially parodies women in a way that endorses narrow stereotypes and mocks femininity. Research supports this, a 2014 study found drag to be ‘a product of a masculine world which defines the female beauty standard.’ (Laurie, 2014).  


A man donning a costume of ‘woman’ doesn’t achieve the stated aim of defying ‘gender restrictions,’ rather it reinforces them.  Young children will not necessarily understand that the performers are male. DQSH shows will likely reinforce sexist stereotypes about the dress and behaviour of women.


LGBT acceptance would be better achieved by choosing representatives who challenge sexist stereotypes of gay men and women. Positive role models from the LGBT community would be an inspiration for young people learning to understand about the many ways of being and loving. 

That Drag Queen Story Hour is actively fund raising for Mermaids, a charity that exists only to support childhood transition, is deeply concerning.


I therefore call on you to:


1.    Reject the practice of using drag queens to read to children

2.    Cancel all proposed appearances by drag queens in libraries and schools

3.    Commit to countering sexist messages in children’s provision

Kind regards

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