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What are the arguments against supporting female sex-based rights that do not involve insults, shaming, and hyperbolic claims?  How are any of these points unreasonable?

I think that most would agree with all of the below, yet expressing this opinion (one rooted in biological fact and material reality) in public can be dangerous for people because of the militancy and pernicious nature of transactivists.  I have yet to have a discussion in which I can make an argument against because there is an almost absolute vacuum of anything that resembles a debatable position.

A couple examples of common assertions made in gender debates:

Assertion #1 – Trans women are part of highly discriminated against cohort…  they face violence in society.

Retort – Adult human females are abused and killed on a scale world wide.  Efforts to change that have been ongoing and at a glacial pace, since forever.  The violence gender non-conforming males experience can be directly traced back to the epidemic of male violence in society.  Why not get men to stop with the violent enforcement of patriarchal norms rather than subsuming hard fought for female sex based rights?


Assertion #2 – Trans women are women.

Retort – There is no evidence that human beings can change sex, nor is anyone ‘born in the wrong body’.   Therefore, transwomen will always be male; and this is the only logical conclusion one can draw if facts are important to your reasoning.




Calling the defence of female rights, boundaries, and safety ‘bigoted’ has no reasonable basis in a fact based discussion.

Ms.Betty Bowers thoughts on the 2014 Olympics.

Teaching fairy tales and assorted religious mumbo-jumbo since 1996 with public funds!

Teaching religion in public schools as a serious “subject” is just wrong. Religious studies are acceptable, but this is not what this is.  Would you want to subject your child to graded learning on how the tooth fairy or easter bunny makes their rounds?  Some people do, and want to continue to do so on the public schools educational funds.  Christianity teaches hate, it teaches ostracism it teaches xenophobia.  My point is affirmed with this breaking news story about how the dear christians are being put upon because:

“However, if the policy developed . (it) means that our Logos teachers and principals would no longer be able to express freely in their classrooms that the homosexual lifestyle is not in accord with their Christian beliefs, and that they would be required to ‘affirm’ homosexual lifestyle as acceptable to traditional Christian family values, then we cannot accept this,” the two-page notice says in bold lettering.

Then my dear deluded friends, you can simply frack the hell off and take your despicable fairy tales with you.  Like some of the religiously-challenged the facts of the matter have little sway when it comes to their magic book, this is from their website:

“Certainly, as followers of Jesus, we believe that every child should be free from bullying, whether it is because of his or her physical appearance or their sexual orientation, or for any other reason, and that all persons and families should be treated with respect and dignity. To that extent we support the School Trustees’ concern about bullying. (Yet, if the Trustees would insist that their already-existing policies on bullying were strictly enforced by the Superintendent and school principals, there would be no need for an additional policy at all).”

But wait, let’s see why this program is being enacted…

“There is considerable evidence that sexual-minority youth are at greater risk for harassment, persecution, bullying, suicide attempts and feeling unsafe, Colburn said.  Research has also shown generic anti-bullying policies do nothing on their own to protect those kids, he said.

“It’s only when stand-alone policies specifically addressing (sexual minority) populations are in place that the school environment changes dramatically.”

Well I’m completely surprised that the LOGOS program would ignore research and fact when it comes to facing the realization that yes, your hate filled fairy tale hurts children and does not deserve the blind reverence you seemingly give it.  I encourage the concerned christians to make more persecution (of the majority) noises about this grievous policy of having to affirm that the homosexual lifestyles are okay.  It further highlights the bigotry, ignorance and irrelevance of christian religion in the 21st century and makes the strong case that the taint of religion has no place within the public school system.

This is a delightful video. Nothing illustrates the absurdity of a bigoted position like keeping the content and switching the roles. Kudos to youtuber healthyaddict for posting this vid and especially for introducing me to Greta Christina’s Blog. I highly recommend checking the blog out for some truly thorough and well written debunking of theistic skulduggery.

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