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Sometimes “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” just isn’t strong enough. In one of my recent youtube sessions I ran quite the emotional gamut. Let’s start on a high note, shall we?

The Fantastic

First we have a long overdue “Hero of the Day”. For quite some time, the youtuber Vihart has been producing superb content that celebrates the wonders and joys of math. Irresistibly fun, endlessly charming, and mind-blowingly wondrous, Vihart’s videos present math in a delightful and accessible manner. I recommend that everyone take the time to watch as much Vihart as they can, especially educators. This is how math class ought to be. How marvellous it would be if more children played with mobius strips and wanted Mexa-hexa-flexa-gons for supper.

In her latest video, Vihart expands on one of her previous videos and makes a 3D audio braid. You’ll need earphones for this one, or surround sound. Watch, be amazed, delight in the sonic wonders of math.

The Wretched and The “Oh F*ck, No”

Whilst riding this emotional high of mathematical elation and renewed hope for future generations that will still care about math because of extraordinary projects like those by Vihart, I came across this next video. I crashed. I burned. I debated on whether ‘future generations’ was an option we really ought to pursue.

The two stories presented in this video are beyond ludicrous. The staggering amount of harmful stupid and horrific wrongness exposed here boggle the mind. It’s like I’ve been slapped in the face, but the stunned shock will not wear off. Just watch.

If humanity has any hope at all, it is with educators like Vihart. People who make curiosity, learning, science, and math fun. People who find their passion and wonder in reality and share it with the rest of us. The more children (and in turn, the public) are inspired to think, to be inquisitive, to actually care what is real, the less idiocy like that in the last video will be a part of our society.

If you haven’t checked out all the Vihart links in the first part of this post, now is probably a good time. It will make you feel better.

I wonder who we’ll blame after the next super hurricane or the next drought?  I’m curious as to what will be the explanation for those that come after us be when we’re done here on Earth.  Let it be shown here in 2012 that we’re still talking about if climate change is a serious topic or not.

Short term planning and thinking will be the end of us.  Honest.


A big thanks to tildeb over at Questionable Motives for bringing this video to my attention.  The video is about the potential futures of climate change, but from a risk management perspective.  It brings into stark relief the choices we are facing and some of the possible consequence of our potential action and inaction.  I encourage my readership to copy and paste the video onto their blogs/social media as it is such an important issue.

Hey, quick, how does a internal combustion work in layman’s terms.  You have 1 minute to get in all the pertinent information.  Go!

Obviously, decisions are going to be made about what content to keep and how to say as much as possible with the time allotted.  Climate change is like describing an internal combustion engine in 1 minute, only that that the science behind climate change is much more complex.  Our media is guilty of not doing their homework on Climate Change.  Potholer54 gets us more up to date on what the science actually says, as opposed to media mistranslations and inaccuracies.

I look at this and decide, at least on a local level, urban heating is not necessarily a bad thing.  Here in Alberta we have snow a good part of the year, warmer temperatures mean on average less of the infernal stuff.

“A new British study suggests that cities are getting hotter faster than rural areas as populations increase amid general global warming.

By mid-century, night temperatures in various cities around the world could rise by five degrees Celsius, according to Richard Betts, a climate scientist with the United Kingdom’s Met office, which examines weather trends in the British Isles.

That means Toronto, which had a mean temperature in July 2009 of 19 C, could see a reading of almost 25 C for the same month by 2050.”

AGW I am sure will mess things up to a greater extent than they are now, but my selfish anti-snow genes say, bring it on.

“Before this study, researchers thought temperatures in rural and urban areas were rising by roughly the same amounts. Betts’s study indicates that cities are getting warmer faster than less urbanized areas.”

It seems to be a fairly safe hypothesis to test, as the urban ‘heat-island’ effect is easy to observe and is well documented.  It is always good to see corroborating evidence.

I cautiously embrace my urban heat island because at very least it allows me a few more days of being unshod and fancy free before the indomitable torture known as winter boots. :)

My 'arch'-nemisis.

We'll get to your problems soon, we promise.

For all the hoopla the regular G8 conferences cause what really happens there.  It seems one of the more anti-democratic features of the ‘new globalized economy’.  According to the CBC the tough issues will not even be seriously discussed.

“A leaked draft of the final communiqué for the upcoming G8 summit suggests Canada has dodged a bullet on the thorny issues of abortion and climate change.

The draft, obtained by The Canadian Press, says the world’s most powerful countries are prepared to throw money at “all factors” affecting the health of women and children in poor countries but doesn’t specifically mention abortion.

There is no agreement yet on specific funding for the maternal initiative, climate change, food security or aid to developing countries, despite strong words urging concrete measures.”

Our anti-choice Prime Minister and his merry band of pro-life fascists are out to scuttle reproductive freedom for the Third World.  It is good to know that we will stick to our ideological beliefs in the face of the facts (abortions save womens lives).

“Action is required on all factors that affect the health of women and children,” the document says. “This includes addressing gender inequality, ensuring women’s and children’s rights and improving education for women and girls.”

Message to Harper Government: Women are people too.

Hello, hello?!  Abortion is a part of women’s rights!  But hey it is just the womenz anyways marginalizing them has always been a slam dunk.

Climate Change though, WoW!  Canada looks like to be putting forth this bold initiative:

“On the environment, the only thing G8 negotiators have apparently agreed to is that fighting climate change shouldn’t hurt countries’ economies — a position the Harper government has been pushing.”

Taking the status quo is really a non initiative.  Restructuring our economy so we  are not shitting in the air we breath and the water we drink is going to hurt economically.  It is necessary to do it sooner than later because right now we have the choice to do it, when our ecosystems ‘decide‘ they have had enough of us I assure you, gentle reader, that the economies will be much more than “hurt”.

Well well well.  It looks like the Global Warming Deniers are still out to lunch.  Yes folks, it was just a minor blip on the radar… I guess we will just have to continue to look for the Armageddon of Scientific Cover ups.

From the report released by the The UK  parliamentary Science and Technology Committee:

On the much cited phrases in the leaked e-mails—”trick” and “hiding the decline”—the Committee considers that they were colloquial terms used in private e-mails and the balance of evidence is that they were not part of a systematic attempt to mislead.

Insofar as the Committee was able to consider accusations of dishonesty against CRU, the Committee considers that there is no case to answer.

The Committee found no reason in this inquiry to challenge the scientific consensus as expressed by Professor Beddington, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, that “global warming is happening [and] that it is induced by human activity”. But this was not an inquiry into the science produced by CRU and it will be for the Scientific Appraisal Panel, announced by the University on 22 March, to determine whether the work of CRU has been soundly built.

I’m still waiting for the media hoopla to start.  You know the coverage where they admit they were wrong about the facts of the matter?  The one where the media say they gave entirely too much time and credence to climate-quacks and delusional AGW denialists?  Hello…. hello….?

Thanks to Dr. Myers for the steer, and the quote as it summarized things quite nicely.

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