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Fantastic.  Our cracked conservative government is floating yet another trial balloon on its anti-empirical evidence “tough” on reality crime bill.  Listen to all the surreal talking points from the interview on CBC’s The Current Podcast.

Civilized states do not put people to death.  We should remain counted as a civilized state.


Do we really need to follow this particular mode of thought?

The idea that ideology as opposed to reality being in the drivers seat when it comes to decisions that the Federal Conservative government makes is scary.  Since when did making policy based on fact become sacrosanct?  Did Steven Harper need his own noun to make war on?  I propose we give Steve his war, let us call it the “The War on Evidence“.

It certainly seems to be a war with recent policy decisions that are based on what seems to be the zany ideas Harper pulls out of his ass.  Cancelling the long form census is the most notable example of policy that seems to have come out of deep right field.   I mean the Census is the tool we use to gather data about our country and are people; lets get rid of it?  The notion that the mandatory long form census is some sort of violation of privacy rights is clearly absurd.  People have lost more private information on facebook in one day than the ‘intrusion’ the long form census presents.

How are we to make rational policy decisions without data? The canaries are already chirping a warning on this topic:

“OTTAWA – The union representing federal scientists says “confusing policy decisions” highlight the need for evidence-based decision-making in Ottawa.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of the work done by government science researchers.

Union president Gary Corbett says the Harper government’s controversial decision to scrap the mandatory long-form census is an example of a long-term trend in devaluing government-funded research.

Corbett says program review and departmental budget pressures are putting the squeeze on federal scientists who are also muzzled by a restrictive communications policy from sharing their research with the public.”

Our government is waltzing away from reality and no one seems to really give a damn.  At least not yet.

“The Conservative government has come under repeated attack for shelving or ignoring research from its own bureaucracy on issues such as climate change and criminal justice policy.”

The entire unreported crime fiasco looms large but largely unnoticed by our recalcitrant media.  We are set to build new prisons for theoretical crimes and theoretical prisoners.  All of this despite the fact that we know that building more prisons is clearly not the answer.   Since when did doing things we know are wrong become policy choice #1?

Cynically speaking, I would chalk the systematic ignorance and neglect of science and evidence as a structured part of Conservative policy.  Why?  Because much of what they support is bug-frakking crazy and faced with evidence and fact that tells them and everyone else so is not particularly good PR.  The solution?  Move closer to reality and evidence based policy?  Hell no!  Lets muzzle and undermine scientists and science so we can pass our wack-a-loon policy with no hindrance from reality.

I don't do "women's rights".

Steven Harper does not believe in female autonomy.  If his mendacious crew of ethically challenged social conservatives ever took power women across the country would have to mobilize and shut this country down to protect our reproductive freedoms.  Evidence of the Conservative disregard for women is writ large as the Conservative government has decided, as a part of its’ G8 platform on women’s issues, not to fund abortions as a part of maternal reproductive care in the third world.

You would think that outright crazy crank-batshittery would take a holiday at least once in awhile.  Unfortunately for us Canadians we are still given the pleasure of living under the yoke of religious-inspired delusional conservative ‘morals’ .  Rule one in their insipid handbook of perfidious ass-hattery is this:  If ye be woman, ye shall not have rights – especially when the holy fetus is involved.  Let us examine what the Canadian government stance is, from the CBC report on our G8 position:

“International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda said the government would consider funding family planning measures such as contraception, but not abortion under any circumstances.

“We’re saying that we’re using the definition in our discussions of family planning, which does not include abortion,” Oda told reporters on Monday in Halifax, where she was meeting with her G8 counterparts.

“We’re not debating abortion; we’re clarifying family planning.”

Which is akin to making a garden salad without any allowing the use of any lettuce.  Thank you Bev Oda for your wonderfully refreshing anti-woman stance.  It is always hearting to see government policy based on fatuous religious beliefs, because the the frak needs evidence?

The Lancet has called the Canadian Conservative Government on its mendacity:

Canada’s position against funding abortions abroad is ‘hypocritical and unjust,’ a medical journal editorial says (via the CBC).

“The Canadian Government does not deprive women living in Canada from access to safe abortions; it is therefore hypocritical and unjust that it tries to do so abroad,” the Lancet says in an editorial Saturday.

The conservatives hypocritical?  Not this bunch, the very same that want to abolish the gun registry despite the fact that police forces across the nation are strongly in favour of the gun registry.  This is the same group of politicians who gleefully brought down the Martin minority government on charges of corruption that are now currently wallowing in the Jafer/Afghan Detainee accountability scandals of their own (not to mention the unwarranted prorogation of parliament).   I digress.  The Lancet editorial brings us back on track though:

“Although the country’s decision only affects a small number of developing countries where abortion is legal, bans on the procedure, which are detrimental to public health, should be challenged by the G8, not tacitly supported. Canada and the other G8 nations could show real leadership with a final maternal health plan that is based on sound scientific evidence and not prejudice.”

Decisions based on evidence?  What is this crazy talk about ‘evidence’ you leftard crypto-fascist Lancet editors?!

“The Lancet said the plan’s omission of improved access to safe abortion services “is no accident, but a conscious decision by Canada’s Conservative Government not to support groups that undertake abortions in developing countries.”

“This stance must change,” the editorial said, noting 70,000 women die from unsafe abortions worldwide each year.”

Ah, but it is only 70,000 women who die per year.  Come on they are just people women after all.

Rona Ambrose, who I would not trust to successfully rub two dimes together, spouts the following tom foolery as a ‘reply’:

Rona Ambrose, the status of women minister, defended Canada’s G8 initiative, citing a statement by World Vision Canada that the abortion debate was clouding the issue while 8.8 million children die every year from causes that would cost pennies to prevent. World Vision, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, opposes abortion as a family planning method.

Ah, yes those damn womenz and their bodies.  They just need to shut the f*ck up and die quietly.

Ambrose said the government wants to save the lives of women and children, Ambrose said.

“We ask the opposition to stop playing politics with this issue.”

Playing politics indeed.   The buffoonery that passes for reasonable arguments from conservatives is shocking.  How many clown cars need to be called in before Canada squares its position on abortion with reality?
I’m guessing not until the Conservatives are out of power and once again bidden to the background, where they belong.

Well the skies are darkening in Canada now, as the CBC reports:

“Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was accused Friday of twisting media reviews to promote paperback sales of his latest book, True Patriot Love.

The book traces the influence of several generations of Ignatieff’s mother’s family, the Grants.

The jacket of the book includes a number of excerpts from newspaper critiques that leave the impression it won rave reviews when first published last spring.”

Exaggerated Claims!  In a book jacket no less!  Oh vapours take me now!  How dastardly is this evil that does not sleep?

“take this snippet from the National Post: “Plenty of scope for a rich story … Some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant … Well written.”

In fact, the Post review in its entirety was far from laudatory.

True Patriot Love offers little that is new on the Grants save some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant,” wrote reviewer Robert L. Fraser.”

Checkmate Ignatieff!  You rotten scum.

“But on Friday, Conservative MPs called the book blurbs “dishonest” and said that in Ignatieff’s case, they were evidence of his unfitness for political office.

“This is the type of dishonesty that not even a first-year university student could get away with,” Alberta Tory MP Chris Warkentin told the House of Commons.

“I am wondering if the leader of the Opposition really believes that this is honesty or if this is maybe a case of deceitfulness.”

What an opportunity to divert the Public's attention away from Rahim Drunk Driving and Illegal Lobbying!

I would think that the Tories would better spend their time doing damage control over the Rahim Jaffer saga – a saga whose political toxicity has not even been fully realized yet.

Hmmm….can we juxtapose for a bit?

Jaffer :

Coke head and Drunk driver:

The second email was written several hours after Jaffer was pulled over for speeding and charged with drunk driving and possession of cocaine. Several months later, Jaffer pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of careless driving and was fined $500.

Pedalled Influence:

“A company co-founded by former MP Rahim Jaffer pitched three projects to the federal government — including one involving a division of a waste management firm touted by his wife, ex-cabinet minister Helena Guergis, according to newly released documents.

Under the proposal, the total share of federal funding was to be about $100 million.”


“During their testimony Wednesday before the Commons government operations committee, Jaffer and Glémaud insisted they have never been paid for any lobbying activities and have never received a penny of funding from the government. […]

Meanwhile, two businessmen who heard Jaffer speak in August 2009 at a Toronto-area restaurant told CBC News they believed the former Conservative MP would be their connection to millions of dollars in government grants.

The men, who spoke to the CBC on condition of anonymity, said they were lured to the Aug. 25 meeting by an email that boasted: “Rahim Jaffer, who is the Canadian government money access point for us, will be in attendance.”

“We left with the impression Jaffer was the source of funding,” said the president of one company who pitched to Jaffer and business colleague Nazim Gillani, the author of the email and the organizer of the meeting.”

Yes Conservatives, lambaste Ignateiff about dishonesty and proper conduct, your credibility is certainly not an issue here.  Show us the righteous Law and Order style of political leadership so many Canadians voted for!I'm sure if we focus on exaggered book jackets morality will be saved!

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