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Considering the superheated stupid that regularly ejaculates from the rusty brainpan of this this individual should we be surprised when he comes out against female autonomy? The Guttamacher Institute summarizes his vapidly brainsick musings succinctly in a recent press release.

“Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) asserted earlier this week that Social Security’s future solvency is in jeopardy because of what he termed the U.S. “abortion culture.” Santorum is quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying, “Well, a third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion.”

Did he just scrape his brain out of a mint jelly jar?  It is not fair to mint jelly, but Mr.Santorum might as well be saying we should ban cars because some 32,000 (2010) people die every year because of car accidents.

“More importantly, however, there are two main reasons why it is simply wrong to assume that every abortion reduces the U.S. population by one person: One, most women obtaining abortions are younger than 30 and are postponing childbearing. They typically want to wait to have children, or already have one child and don’t want another at that time. In either case, the abortion delays a birth, it does not eliminate it—and there is no impact on the overall population. Second, some abortions terminate pregnancies that would have ended in miscarriage, so again one cannot assume that every abortion would have otherwise resulted in a live birth.”

Enter the factual analysis of what is actually going on, Women planning their childbearing so they can best accommodate having and raising a child.  Holy-responsible planning Batman!  Forced birth advocates rarely seem to acknowledge that women *may* have a good idea when they are ready to accept the dangerous responsibility of giving birth and then the commitment needed to raise a child.  It’s like their lady-brains are actually capable of evaluating when the time is right for us to do what we want for our selves and our bodies.  Some pretty heavy radical shit, I know.

“But where Santorum really misses his mark is his failure to grasp a very simple idea: Most Americans want two children, and they try to time childbearing and space their births so that they have those children when they feel best capable of taking care of them. Overwhelmingly, this is accomplished through contraceptive use. When faced with an unwanted or mistimed pregnancy, some women decide to obtain an abortion. But the key point is that whatever demographic challenges Social Security may be facing, they are not due to abortion, but rather to the fact that most Americans desire—and generally achieve—small families.”

Interesting.  Rick’s assertions really have no basis in reality then.  The issue of course is those damn women and the rights they think they have to their bodies.

“The natural extension of Santorum’s purported solution for bolstering Social Security would be to require American women and couples to have more children than they want. Any possible scenario for achieving such a goal would be deeply disturbing—for example, banning both contraception and abortion, or trying to institute some form of mandatory three- or four-child policy through tax penalties or other punishments for those not complying.”

George W. Bush’s flatulence has more credibility than this turgid woman hating vomit stain of a human being.  The next legislation from Mr.Santorum will be the banning of shoes from women so they can assume their rightful place in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant until they die in childbirth or hit menopause.

“In essence, what underpins Santorum’s argument is a lack of support for the ability of women and their partners to decide for themselves when to have children and how many children to have.”

You know that Mr.Santorum is a huge free-market supporter and will trot out arguments for how great the market is because of choice people have while out of the other corner of his lick-spittle mouth will talk about stripping away bodily autonomy and reproductive choices for women.  The best part of this is that this individual was actually elected to public office by people with the same sort of cracked world-view that he routinely barfs into the public arena.

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