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I get email:

From the Sandyhook Promise –

Dear Friend,

“The person who killed my precious son Dylan carried 10, 30-round, large-capacity gun ammunition magazines into Sandy Hook Elementary. 300 rounds. He deliberately left the smaller-capacity magazines at home.

In approximately four minutes, he shot 154 bullets, killing 20 children and 6 educators. Five of those bullets hit my son, and in an instant, Dylan was gone.

But in the time it took the shooter to reload, 11 children were able to escape. If magazines were reduced to one-third the number of rounds available that day, just think how many more could have survived. Perhaps my son would still be alive.

Right now in New Jersey, the clock is ticking for Governor Chris Christie to decide whether or not to sign a bill into law that would reduce the size of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds – and opponents of common sense reforms from across the country are pressuring him to veto it. We need your help today to make sure Governor Christie signs this common sense, potentially life-saving bill into law before the June 30 deadline.”

  Reduce the size of the magazines?

   Let me ironically restate that in bold lettering – Reduce the size of the magazines? (???)

    One hundred and fifty four bullets and twenty-six deaths later the people in the US are talking about reducing the size of magazines?  How ridiculously absurd is this plea?

   How is this even a thing?  Don’t even start to talk to me about incrementalism – how many more berserk white dudes killing scores of people does it take for the US to wake the frak-up and institute gun control? 





Christian Reality…

It is like watching a traffic accident, everyone just slows down and gawks at the spectacle at hand.  The wordpress reader made me slow down and read this post from Cynthia on The Trumpet Sound. 

Now usually when I see the godbaggy speak oozing forth from a blog I just keep on going knowing that safely nothing of any intelligible substance will come from there.  Today folks though, it is different.  This post pretty much has it all – Dreams! Prophecy! Revelation! – oh and the usual racism and batshit insane calumny one expects from the non-reality based.

This is a perfect example of Jon Stewart’s Mudslide on BullShit Mountain.  If all your friends and media are saying the same things (based on magic happy thoughts) one has no way of telling what is actually happening outside of your little bubble of delusion.  Our devoted GOP base are out of touch reality and as this upcoming examination of their brand of thinking  will show, the way to fix problems caused by your delusional beliefs is with…  moar delusional beliefs.

Hang on to your hats kids, the Arbourist and the trusty Ole SnarkyRed Pen O’ Justice will be scribing with the full righteous fury of rationality for your benefit today.

Let’s get this party started.  (tomfoolery in brown, justice in red)

In the day following my posting of the article “America is Sinking,” I got physically super exhausted that I slept through the day while the election was being concluded in the US. While in deep sleep I got a phone call from my Mom-in-law informing me that Obama won.  (I’m pretty sure one cannot be in a deep sleep and talk with the in-laws at the same time, although this could be a extraordinary ability powered by jebus himself, we should err on the side of caution and conclude this is merely poor writing.) We talked for a while and as she hang up, still with my eyes closed I asked, “Now what, Lord?”(Because eye open prayers and pleas to your magic sky daddy is for the sinners dontcha know.)

Then I heard the still small voice in my spirit, “It’s time to mourn.” (Oh, you actually questioned the voices in your head, good for you!) Then I said, “If I heard you correctly, Lord, please give me your word on it.” (You talked back to the voices in your head, bad for you.  Not to mention questioning the supreme ooga-booga? I think you get to burn in hell for that one, just sayn’)

Then I could hear the voice said, “Open your Bible,” so I did. (Who doesn’t listen to the voices in their head – oh right..sane people)  With eyes half opened, I saw the big bold letters: LAMENTATIONS and the highlighted first two verses. I needed go no further for I have known the verses to heart (full points for rote memorization of a dusty tomb of ancient bronze age wisdom) as these were the same words that He gave me when I asked for confirmation if I saw and heard right about the prophetic connection between A.A. Allen’s Vision and Don McLean’s American Pie song which I wrote here: (yes, folks there is divinity in the song American Pie, if you can see through the tears of laughter follow the link and let gods ‘wisdom’ revealed).

How lonely lies the city that once thronged with people! Once great among the nations, now she is like a widow! Once princess among provinces, she has become a vassal.

Bitterly she weeps at night, tears running down her cheeks. Not one of all her lovers is there to comfort her. Her friends have all betrayed her; they have become her enemies.

As I pondered on the situation and the word of the Lord, I remembered the Statue of Liberty prominently on a very dark background.(Phreaky!!)I thought that’s what America now, covered in darkness as Obama remains in the White House. When the thought of the White House hit , I saw a glimpse of a “black” White House. I thought it was weird, a “black” White House! (well duh! Black is evil and we all know what colour Obama is….Eeeeeevill!)  When I recalled the image, it actually looked like a haunted house.

The Lord confirmed this impression of darkness covering America when yesterday I woke up and saw Obama and heard, “Darkness has swallowed up the land.”
(Well I’m glad for the sake of veracity that you are double checking your facts.)

This morning I woke up to a dream (distinguishing between sleep and awake cycles seems problematic for you). In the dream I was in our house in America. Then there came a storm, raging in its fury. It was horrifying as I  watched it destroyed everything along the way. The land was covered with water that it became like a sea and our house standing in the middle of the sea. The tsunami-like waves rolled several times over. Then came the strongest wind which uprooted several trees and gave a devastating blow all over. The last wave hit and receded and hardened. Everything was destroyed except our house which remained intact and unscratched. Then there was stillness as if the world stood still. (You are making this shit up to conform to your feelings and then adding “my skydaddy says so” to make your confused rantings sound important.).

The stillness though was very brief for there came a very loud noise of merrymaking. My Mom and I went to the window to see what was happening. We saw people in gay costumes on the watered street . The noise was the sound of a band marching on the street still covered with water. These people are homosexuals (because people in frivolous uniforms = homosexuals the world over, a pox on you shiny sequins!!). My mother asked what they were doing. Then I told her, “This is what the Lord said, that these people do not believe that the storm is His judgment. They still do not believe that God is judging them for their perversion.(And you were worried that Cynthia would only be a racist, but like so many delusional christian warriors the homophobia runs strong as well.) Their merrymaking is an act of defiance, telling God to His face, ‘We don’t believe you.’”  (How dare they not believe in my mythology!?! That is a double burning in hell forever on you – and take your sequins with you!!) Just as I said that the sky darkened again and another storm was coming quickly. Then I woke up (You do know that its okay to express your opinions without all the weirdness right?).

Obama was re-elected because America never woke up to reality during his first term(Oh cupcake, the reality you talk about has been around you since day 1, inside the insipid religious bubble of stupid you inhabit reality doesn’t make a whit of sense). The close contest (actually Obama always ahead, but then again, in fantasy land that factual based shite doesn’t matter.) between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was an indication that the Lord could have changed His mind and given the US another grace period (by grace period you mean more government policy based on the shitty things you believe that have little to do with reality or rational thought.) with a lesser evil in the White House. But as Americans never learned and humbled themselves before God (prostrating oneself  for mythological creatures has gone out of style, at least for those who value rationality), He has now given the nation over to the power of the devil (No, not the Devil!) . Evil will be unleashed in greater intensity. Obama is the embodiment of Satan (oh yes, the Devil).

( Just a brief note.  Thinking like this is partially responsible for the Democratic victory in 2012, so really my GOP base friends pray harder, its working wonders for you.)

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