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Almost like there is some sort of bias running through the context objections by the religious while defending the bible.

I’m glad to report that NonStampCollector is at it again.  This collaborative effort with 43Alley is a wonderful return to his old form.  Enjoy all the benefits that “An instant, fruit-based moral education” has to offer.

The problem with making a reasonable argument is that it takes time and patience to construct properly.  Nonstampcollector makes a great video showing exactly how unonbjective the christian god actually is.  Guaranteed to make the religious cringe as they face contradiction after contradiction, and precisely why the video appears on this blog.

He’s been gone a long while, but I am thrilled to say that NonStampCollector has returned with another fantastic cartoon. And for his triumphant return he has treated us all with a two parter looking at the story of Noah. I have missed NSC’s formidable skill at highlighting how immensely ludicrous christian stories are, all the while being hysterically funny. Bow your heads and give thanks to tonight’s patron saint of ripping religion a new one: NonStampCollector

Debating people with that have a little to much faith and not enough regard for history one often runs into this particular meme that Hitler was an atheist and it was his Atheism was the prime motivation for all the horrible acts he perpetrated on humanity.  Of course it is complete bollocks that Hitler was an atheist and atheistic values are responsible for his warped view of reality.   Warped views of reality are religions speciality and thanks to Non-Stamp Collector we can see how wrong the religiously deluded are, thanks again NSC.  :)

I run across this argument WAY to often.  As a way to help set the record straight I post Non Stamp Collector’s Special investigation on the big three strawmen the religiously addled attempt to use when discussing history.

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