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The christian majority continues to whinge about being oppressed.  Tough beans theocrats – the law, for once, has women’s back on this issue.  So when you see the christian whinge starting as illustrated below, you also have the answer to their false claim of being persecuted.

Whinge:  How does forcing employers to give out abortifacients and not giving them a choice mean these people are being Pro-Choice and giving them a choice? Also these people claim to want to keep the government out of people’s bedrooms despite forcing businesses to give out items like birth control pills and IUDs that are used in the bedroom

The Answer:  The First Amendment says my employer cannot force me to live according to my employer’s religion if it conflicts with my own. That means my employer cannot use a religious reason to deny me any part of health care under law. “Obamacare” closes the loophole that allowed a pro-life employer to deny me birth control, a privilege no other religious belief has ever been afforded anyway – a Jehovah’s Witness employer never could deny me a blood transfusion and a Christian Scientist employer could never deny me health insurance in the first place. You are claiming a special privilege that no other religious employer has ever had, the “right” to force your religion on another person, and whining that you’re being persecuted when you’re being stopped from violating other people’s First Amendment rights.


Image Steven Harper really enjoys floating trial balloons through his back benches.  Another preemptive volley from the western conservative black hole of politics has made it the media.  The poll, of course, has been skewed by the screwball forced birth advocating religious right in Canada so ignore the results.  However, one comment on the poll caught my attention and thus is reproduced here.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the Morgentaler appeal in 1988 confirmed as Chief Justice Brian Dickson wrote:

“Forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry a fetus to term unless she meets certain criteria unrelated to her own priorities and aspirations, is a profound interference with a woman’s body and thus a violation of her security of the person.”

This confirmed a woman’s Charter right to choose.

It has served us well over the last 25 years and the notion of creating a new law is only to serve the interests of those who will *never* accept a woman’s right over her own body.

My thoughts exactly.  You can frack-off forever my forced birth advocating friends, women are treated as people here in Canada, get used to it.

Clinicescortsjpg     Hey folks, by now I think you are aware of my positions on pretty much every contentious issue that comes down the pipe.  We here at DWR regularly lay waste to the shitty anti-choice arguments that cross our path.  We take the time to deconstruct the bullcookery and show people how wrong our opponents are for the edification for all that bother to visit this little corner of the blogosphere.

I want you to go to Everysaturdaymorning’s blog, it is the experiences of people who escort women to a reproductive health centre in Louisville Kentucky.  These are the people you want to emulate, these are the people who are putting it on the line everyday in defense of women.  These are the people who shelter women in the face of insults, preaching and the threat of physical violence every day.

We talk and discuss here at DWR, but they DO over there at ESM.  Add them to your blog roll, add them to your reader, follow their stories.   The narratives at ESM are important and give us insight into what it is like in the trenches, fighting for women against those who would make them second class citizens.

For the New Year, I want to be (and you should too) a little more like the people who write ESM blog, to have the courage to stand fast to my convictions, as they do, and make a difference.

Happy New Year everyone and an special Happy New Year to the escorts down at ESM, thank you for doing what so many cannot.

Christian ‘morals’ plus the abortion issue and dudes, you know where we are headed….

I’m not sure if I like the “reader” function that wordpress offers as a part of its blogging platform.  Searching the Abortion tag seems to consistently raise my blood pressure because of beastly shite that I find out there.  Today’s turd of a post is entitled ‘Tough Choices” and after reading it my tough choice was either to cry or vomit.  Luckily I chose option “3” and will employ the red pen of justice and take this privileged anti-choice dude apart.

“A young girl, around 12 or 13, is walking down the street at dark, when suddenly a man takes her and violently rapes her. Devastated, she falls into a state of depression. She is ready to put it all in the past when she realizes something–she’s late on her period. Terrified, she obtains a pregnancy test which confirms her fears. She is pregnant with the child of a rapist’s.

Now, I know some people would say that she needs to have the right to an abortion. Well–and yes, I know this is probably an unpopular opinion–I disagree.”
[Well it is good to establish that you have a firm hatred of women and their bodily autonomy from the outset.]  Yes, rape is traumatic.[The faux-empathy begins here]
I can’t even begin to imagine having to go through it [It’s shitty, and you don’t want first hand experience].

However, if a victim of rape realizes she is pregnant, she probably feels scared, alone, and vulnerable.  Some women would want to turn to abortion. But abortion is a cold lie [Where the frack does this come from?  Abortion is not a lie, it is a medical procedure  Is an appendectomy a cold lie too?]. It may seem appealing, like you can magically “undo” all that happened by a simple procedure, but in reality, it is the killing of a child[anti-choice distortion, the first of many – It is not a child, we get a child after the little event called “Birth”.  Acorns are not oak trees].  Should a child’s life [*facepalm* – repeating misinformation does not make it more true] be taken just because of the crime the father committed?

Abortion in cases of rape takes a vulnerable, traumatized girl and further disturbs her by killing her child [Like carrying the results of rape for 9 months isn’t traumatizing?]. The results of abortion in cases of rape is one dead child [one terminated pregnancy, FIFY] and one extremely wounded mother [keep in mind the author is talking about a 11 or 12 year child, the term “Mother” is grossly misused].

Which seems more traumatic to you: being raped, becoming pregnant, having the child killed, and having to live with that the rest of your life; or, being raped, becoming pregnant, delivering the child, putting the child up for adoption, and living knowing that your child is alive as well? [you missed the option of suffering though and possibly dying in pregnancy] (though some women choose to keep their children rather than giving them up for adoption, a most admirable move)

Some pro-lifers want an exception for rape[yes, they have something resembling empathy and respect for women]. However, I don’t think there should be one. It may seem heartless at first[because it is], but once you look at the real reasons[fetus worshipping] why abortion shouldn’t be allowed in cases of rape[women should be second class citizens/incubators nothing more], I think you will better understand[We do understand, the hate for women and their autonomy screams from every line of this post].

    The government should not impose its values on the people of American, unless of course, its christian religious values.  I wonder if anyone in the GOP has read George Orwell’s 1984, because they certainly seem to be running from the same playbook as the Party….

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show once again bring to light the blatant hypocrisy of the godbag infested GOP.

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