Clinicescortsjpg     Hey folks, by now I think you are aware of my positions on pretty much every contentious issue that comes down the pipe.  We here at DWR regularly lay waste to the shitty anti-choice arguments that cross our path.  We take the time to deconstruct the bullcookery and show people how wrong our opponents are for the edification for all that bother to visit this little corner of the blogosphere.

I want you to go to Everysaturdaymorning’s blog, it is the experiences of people who escort women to a reproductive health centre in Louisville Kentucky.  These are the people you want to emulate, these are the people who are putting it on the line everyday in defense of women.  These are the people who shelter women in the face of insults, preaching and the threat of physical violence every day.

We talk and discuss here at DWR, but they DO over there at ESM.  Add them to your blog roll, add them to your reader, follow their stories.   The narratives at ESM are important and give us insight into what it is like in the trenches, fighting for women against those who would make them second class citizens.

For the New Year, I want to be (and you should too) a little more like the people who write ESM blog, to have the courage to stand fast to my convictions, as they do, and make a difference.

Happy New Year everyone and an special Happy New Year to the escorts down at ESM, thank you for doing what so many cannot.