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Megan Murphy describes on of the common argumentative tactics used against women speaking up for their rights and boundaries.

“This is a common trope offered up by gender identity ideologues: that women fear men will use “trans” as a disguise to “trick” women. This misunderstands the feminist position on gender identity, which is not necessarily that trans-identified people are lying, or trying to fool anyone, but that it is simply impossible to change sex. They have, rather, been “fooled” by trans activism itself, into believing it is possible for a male to become female, through faith, insistence, surgery, or clothing choice. There is no “legitimate” transwomen, in that no man can ever become a woman, no matter how badly they want it or believe it. It’s not about trickery or cruelty, it’s about facts. The “fear” is not of trans-identified people or of dishonest men, playing at trans to access women’s spaces. The “fear” is simply of men, regardless of identity.”

Back with more insightful analysis is Anita Sarkeesian.  The idea of but what about the male in distress plot point is dicusses as well as framing the issues within the bounds of our society.


I’m still waiting for Drakken to be redone and released, not only does it start a female protagonist, but it also has Dragons!  And I lourve dragons to bits!



Ms.Sarkeesian continues her video series about the misogyny prevalent in video games.

Oh, those women, they just want to have power over men.  Evil feminists that don’t see the FACT that men and women are treated equally now…

Pardon me while I expunge the neurons used to formulate those sentences…  *splork*…  Ahh…all better.  Like it or not, video games are a fairly big part of our culture, and unsurprisingly, the women featured in many video games conform with traditional patriarchal roles.

       More than any of the tropes discussed in the last month the Straw Feminist is the one that I run into the most.  Making up an version of the issues that you’re trying to hate-on makes for easy, but dishonest arguments from those who oppose feminism (racism, socialism, equality rights in general) and its goals.  So the process then is two fold, first you have to disabuse said person of their distorted view on the subject and then you have to explain why the point being made is important and how that fits into the larger context of society.

It is a tiring, thankless process for the most part as many, mired in the status-quo either cannot or will not look at arguments that challenge their perceived notion of how the world works.

So, enjoy the video on straw-feminism discussion is welcome in the comments section.


Amazing how a little pregnancy can spice up a show.  Hollywood’s depiction of pregnancy, giving birth and the physiological and psychological strains associated with the ordeal are, of course, way off base.  On the upside, it makes for a great episode…

Women getting squished into yet another trope that reflects poorly on our society.  This time with help of the feminist frequency we observe how women are held up as objects of objectification and ridicule at the same time.  Patriarchy is good at that giving women two choices both equally bad the Madonna/whore trap coming to mind.

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