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Let’s work together on this one folks.  We should be done this by now.

Way to go Alberta!

With the amount of imprudent tampering that is going on with the publishing of scientific results in Canada as of late it is quaintly surprising to see that Alberta will be leading the way with free flu vaccinations  this year.

“EDMONTON – Alberta will offer seasonal and H1N1 flu protection in one shot when the province’s immunization program begins after Thanksgiving.

The shot will be free.

Health officials say the province has already received large shipments of influenza vaccine and will receive more throughout the flu season.”

We are acting on evidence based ideas and carrying them out.  Alberta politics has way of surprising people, in this case, with a brief instance of lucidity.


Oh as a related bonus, the anti-vaxxer bingo card I found at  See if you can complete yours today!

I like it when people on TV are right.  :)  I’ve already talked about Germ Theory Denial in a previous post, more of the here, but P&T do a great job on destructing and deconstructing the foolishness that people engage in.

Orac has a few qualms, but agrees mostly with what P&T have to say.

Let’s stop the anti-vax silliness before it gets started.


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