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On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women I think its important to affirm that:- Women are oppressed as a sex class.

The oppression of women as a sex class exists in order to enable male access to women’s bodies as a reproductive and sexual resource,and the appropriation of women’s domestic, reproductive and emotional labour. This appropriation is facilitated by a system of socialisation which inculcates entitlement in males, and teaches women to prioritise the needs of others above their own

Once upon a time, we called this system ‘gender.’ Male violence against women and girls is not a series of ‘isolated incidents.’ It is a structural feature of the system of women’s oppression. It arises from male entitlement, and aggrieved entitlement when women do not comply with what men want or expect  Male violence functions as a mechanism to enforce women’s compliance with male entitlement

Women have a right to politically organise as a sex class in order to raise consciousness about, and resist, MVAWG Women have a right to single-sex spaces in order to discuss their experiences of, and heal, from their experiences of male violence.  Women have a right to determine who they stand in solidarity with in the fight against MVAWG, and to determine with whom they share political interests.

Solidarity to all the women in the women’s movement who have dedicated their lives to raising awareness about the epidemic of MVAWG in this society and to providing services to our sisters when they most need them.xx You can follow @janeclarejones. (Source:

A conflict exists between those who would like us to believe that when a man says he is a woman, he *because magic gender reasons* becomes one.  The reality of the situation is that all men belong to the class of individuals that abuses, assaults, and rapes females.  There is no way to tell the difference between a predatory male and a good male.  Because there are enough predators and perverts scattered through the male population females need a spaces (not to mention DV shelters and sports and medical care) away men.

A female patron at Wispa complained that there was a naked male in the female only area, exposing himself to her daughter.  Spa staff did nothing as they are following the ludicrous California law that says as long as a man feels like he is a woman, then he IS a woman.  You see, in California, being progressive equates to prioritizing the gender feelings of men over the physical and mental well being of women (read that twice).

Later, antifa went to war on innocent women and men protesting this gross violation of female boundaries and safety, see the video from the link above.  This is yet another example of how far off the rails the purported ‘progressive’ left has gone when women are placed in situations where their safety is ignored because of male gender feelings.

Men do not belong in female spaces.  The entire self-id/transgender ideology piece is a free ticket for perverted abusive men to harm women and children without repercussions – it has no place in a society that values the safety of women and children.

The following is a thread from twitter user “Femme Loves” who writes eloquently about how wrong this (gender ideologically) sanctioned intrusion into female spaces is.

  “This is a thread about why telling girls to “avert your eyes” when they see people with penises in the changing room is so wrong. It is a thread about red flags, and seeing no evil and why most people fail child safeguarding at the very first hurdle.

  The sexual abuse of children thrives in the dark. Most abused children have multiple people in their life who “half know” what’s going on. Most people I have told as adults said something like “I had my suspicions.” Many people in authority had the chance to intervene and did not.  For example, my father lost his teaching job for inappropriate sexual behaviour with teenage girls. He had three daughters at home, the oldest of which was a teenager. No investigation of his home life was done, he was allowed to retire quietly.

  All a child abuser asks is that you politely look the other way. See no evil. Don’t cause any waves. Weesht. Just mind your business, wash your hands of it like Pontius Pilate. After all, it’s only suspicion. He’s harmless. Sure he does loads for the community, avert your eyes.  An abused child cries out to be heard, is desperate to be heard, but the things she has to tell you are horrific. An abused child demands action of you, action which may result in the fracturing of your family and your community. Easier to avert your eyes. See no evil.

  I can feel it in me now, still, that desperate need to be heard, seen, believed. The loneliness of not being believed. The absolute betrayal of the adults in my life who should have protected me, and instead, protected the men abusing me. They averted their eyes.  I didn’t need to “tell” what was happening to me. Everybody knew. Instead of taking action, I was labelled a bad kid, a “terrible teenager,” because sexual abuse caused hypersexuality, and led to me seeking out situations in which I could be reabused. I was shamed for their sin.  I just accepted it – ok, I’m the bad guy. I’m a slut, I’m responsible, as a young teenager, for adult men wanting to fuck me. I didn’t have the language or understanding to explain any of it, and even if I had, I would have been blamed instead of helped. I just needed to be seen.

  But nobody saw me, they just saw this terrible teenager, this slut, this lost girl who put herself in harm’s way, who climbed out of her window and fucked strangers and got falling down drunk and didn’t care what happened to her. Nobody really looked beyond that. Avert your eyes.  Averting your eyes is loaded language for abuse victims in another way, though. There’s a defence mechanism called dissociation which involves essentially averting your eyes from your own experience. I went away in my head.  I can remember very little of what I actually did not just when I was being abused, but of all the sex I have ever had with men as an adult. I just went away in my head. I have fractured, broken images, but mostly I averted my eyes, Elvis has left the building.

  Victims’ tendency to blame ourselves for what happened is another way to avert our eyes. We can’t look squarely at a person who was supposed to protect us, and accept that they abused us instead. So I went back and forth between the poles of a Hobson’s choice.  My father used to make it feel like the sun was coming out. He sat me on his knee and sat me on his workbench and threw me in the air. I loved him. If he was a bad man, then one of the only bright spots in my childhood wasn’t real, and I had lived without love.  Easier to avert my eyes from evil, literally, to see no evil. Easier to take the shame on myself. Easier to conclude that it was me who was bad, that I deserved it. But if you see no evil, you take that evil on yourself, and live without love either way.

  This aversion of the gaze is why abuse victims’ accounts of what happened to them may sound deceptive, even to professional lie detectors. Dissociation, guilt and shame conspire to make truthful narratives sound like lies, full of holes.  It is also why victims so often feel so desperate to speak, to tell the truth about what happened to them, and so desperate to be heard, to be believed. I used to feel like I was in a crowded room, screaming, but everybody just looked the other way.  The first rule of child safeguarding is that if you see a red flag, you have a duty, as an adult, to take action on it. A penis in a women’s changing room is the red flag equivalent of the Kremlin on the anniversary of Lenin’s death.

  If you are swinging your dick in the women’s changing room, you are not dysphoric. I am married to somebody who lives with dysphoria. If you’re dysphoric, you want to hide. This is not a case of a trans person just wanting to get changed. Make no mistake, this is a pervert.  It is already flashing, which is a sexual offence. The men and women saying, without a hint of irony, “avert your eyes” are directly enabling sexual abuse. They are giving a free pass to flashers. They are emboldening perverts. They are feckless, thoughtless cowards.  They are averting their eyes, they are seeing no evil. They are excusing predators and perverts with whatever excuse seems most fitting to them. And they are encouraging others to do the same. I hope they are proud of themselves.

  It couldn’t be me. I swore, before I had children, that little people would be safer around me. That I would see red flags and act on them, that I would not avert my eyes, not from what happened to me, and not from adults around me.  I am here, looking the truth in the face, and the truth is that defending flashers, perverts and molesters by saying “it’s a woman’s penis,” and doing it in public, is the exact same energy as moving paedophile priests to different parishes.  It is the exact same energy as failing to investigate the home life of a teacher who has teenage daughters, and has lost his job for interfering with teenage girls at school. It is gaslighting, it is covering up for child abuse. It is a cowardly, polite kind of evil.

  I will leave you with this. I have done a lot of reading about molestation and grooming, trying to understand what happened to me, and learning how to spot red flags, how to protect children. Of all that reading, one phrase stuck with me.  It was from a prolific abuser of children. He said that even if he didn’t actually get to abuse a child that he was grooming, he would “get her ready for the next guy.” Telling a child just to “avert your eyes” is getting her ready for the next guy.  It is breaking down her boundaries. It is telling her to ignore her feelings and her gut. It is gaslighting her. Child molesters are pure evil and fairly rare, but the kind of craven coward who covers for child molesters and blames the victim are ten a penny.

  If you say and do these things, you should know what you are. You are Pontious Pilate. You are seeing no evil. You are looking the other way and allowing the sexual abuse of children on your watch, for woke points.


   I despise you.”


Just so we don’t have to play the “no true scotsman” game on the individual level, lets look at the response of Action for Trans Health London has to say regarding the incident where four male transactivists beat up a 60 year old woman.


Notice the nice transition from condemning violence against women, to “WHEN THE TERFS ATTACK, WE FIGHT BACK”.  Almost feels like what happens to females when they reject a so called ‘nice guy’s’ advance – the niceness evaporates and is replaced by violence or the threat of violence.  Thanks dudes for showing your true colours.

This was to be a debate, with speakers from both sides to discussing concept of gender identity; the fucking peak of what (so-called) civilized societies do when faced with contentious issues.

But it wasn’t it be.  The queer regressive left scuttled the event. (screen cap from the New Statesman article)

Fuck your hypocritical queer activism.  If radial feminist arguments are shit, then let them say them in safety and security and rebut them and demonstrate why they are faulty, as what we do (or have airs toward) in civilized society.  But no, you won’t tolerate debate and move to violence (of the male variety) and your actions speak tellingly of the strength of your position.  Your cowardice has been on full display during the September 13th Hyde park incident.

There is no going back now, people are seeing the violence that is transactivism as the cloak of queer respectability has been torn away.   Male violence is the language that you spoke on the 13th, as it has always been, but now it is an undercurrent no more.

Females see you, and I hope to christ-on-a-pogo-stick that women who somehow think that including men in feminism is workable, will see you for what you are.   (hint:Violent MEN)

It is time for women to reject the queer/trans agenda and the subversion of feminist theory that goes part and parcel with them.  Rather, it is time to reform Feminism proper around the notion that Feminism exists for the liberation of females from patriarchy – full fucking stop.


Oh hey, and a recap of all the events in case you missed it.


Worldcup1 Worldcup2 worldcup3 Worldcup4


[Police fear rise in domestic violence during World Cup]

An interesting talk about changing the cultural values that are toxic in nature.  He didn’t mention patriarchy, but was alluding to the concept throughout his entire talk.  I’m not sure if this was a conscious choice or not, but it is interesting that a speaker who is talking explicitly about patriarchy and its effects doesn’t use the term once.

Patriarchy needs to be discussed, debated and dismantled.  There is no way around this if we want a to live in recognizable, hopefully advanced, society.


afghan__40_     Democracy promotion abroad.  Funny how it seem to only happen in locals of geopolitical importance.  I’m sure we’ll get around to distributing freedom for everyone eventually.  Afghanistan, on the other hand, is geopolitically important to the West for possible energy reserves and pipe lines that could be a significant boon to our adversaries thus in Afghanistan we remain, murdering people merrily with our drones and wondering why…oh why… do they hate us so.

Of course, hating the West is nothing new in Afghanistan (or even here in North America as those without sufficient enthusiasm for the ‘America, Fuck Ya!’ spirit are labelled unpatriotic or “self-hating”) and unsurprisingly the West’s notions of liberty and equality do not have much traction.

This situation in Afghanistan, of course,  is bad for women and a recent government ruling highlights the archaic regime’s failure to understand that women are people.

“Conservative religious lawmakers in Afghanistan blocked legislation on Saturday aimed at strengthening provisions for women’s freedoms, arguing that parts of it violate Islamic principles and encourage disobedience.”

Ah, the shit-stain of religion once again reemerges to sully humanity’s escutcheon in the name of peace, order and good government.  Christianity, Islam it doesn’t really matter it is all cut from the same tattered patriarchal cloth.  Religion is bad for women and great for patriarchy.

“Khalil Ahmad Shaheedzada, a conservative lawmaker for Herat province, said the legislation was withdrawn shortly after being introduced in parliament because of an uproar by religious parties who said parts of the law are un-Islamic.

“Whatever is against Islamic law, we don’t even need to speak about it,” Shaheedzada said.”

They also plan to outlaw the earth revolving around the sun as well.  Stupid says as stupid does.

“The Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women has been in effect since 2009, but only by presidential decree. It is being brought before parliament now because lawmaker Fawzia Kofi, a women’s rights activist, wants to cement it with a parliamentary vote to prevent its potential reversal by any future president who might be tempted to repeal it to satisfy hard-line religious parties.”

What?!?  The religious fighting against rights for women.  This is shocking.

The law criminalizes, among other things, child marriage and forced marriage, and bans “baad,” the traditional practice of exchanging girls and women to settle disputes. It makes domestic violence a crime punishable by up to three years in prison and specifies that rape victims should not face criminal charges for fornication or adultery.”

Anything disagreeable so far?  To those not mired in the delusional fap-world of religiosity, nothing disagreeable at all.

“The child marriage ban and the idea of protecting female rape victims from prosecution were particularly heated subjects in Saturday’s parliamentary debate, said Nasirullah Sadiqizada Neli, a conservative lawmaker from Daykundi province.

Neli suggested that removing the custom — common in Afghanistan — of prosecuting raped women for adultery would lead to social chaos, with women freely engaging in extramarital sex safe in the knowledge they could claim rape if caught.”

Agency for women?  What is this foolish talk?  Social chaos indeed.  This kind of hare-brained thinking needs to frakking die already.  I have news for you my deranged mullah friends.  Women have the capacity to make decisions for themselves that what is best for themselves.  Your religiously addled brain can now begin to melt.

“Adultery itself is a crime in Islam, whether it is by force or not,” Rahmani said.”

And the vast majority of males being charged are a testament to this scripture…

“He said the Quran also makes clear that a husband has a right to beat a disobedient wife as a last resort, as long as she is not permanently harmed.

“But in this law,” he said, “It says if a man beats his wife at all, he should be jailed for three months to three years.”

And that law is rigorously applied because the male lawyers, male judges and the male justice system are all about protecting women in Afghanistan.  It is certainly not about proscribing female behaviour and legislating how women should act.  It is shit like this that religious have to answer for.

“Lawmaker Shaheedzada also claimed that the law might encourage disobedience among girls and women, saying it reflected Western values not applicable in Afghanistan.”

The right to be treated as a human being is not a Western Value, but a basic human right.   Fuck you and your sophomoric cultural relativism.

“Even now in Afghanistan, women are running from their husbands. Girls are running from home,” Shaheedzada said. “Such laws give them these ideas.”

Ideas like. “I am a person who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect”.   Obviously this needs to be quashed ASAP by the noble forces of Islam.

“There’s a real risk this has opened a Pandora’s box, that this may have galvanized opposition to this decree by people who in principle oppose greater rights for women,” said Heather Barr, a researcher for Human Rights Watch.

That’s true for lawmaker Rahmani, who said President Hamid Karzai should never have issued the decree and wants it changed, if not repealed.

“We cannot have an Islamic country with basically Western laws,” he said.”

If protections and human rights are contrary to running an Islamic country then I suggest that having a Islamic country isn’t a shit-hot idea in the first place and the notion should be binned accordingly.

Islamic religious arseholes.  :/

I’ve read Pornland by Gail Dines but was unaware of her online presence.  Porn is not an easy topic for TV producers and it appears Ms.Dines had been down this road before as she relates her experience of almost getting on the Melissa Harris Perry Show to talk about the effects of pornography on women.  The first 3 paragraphs are here, I suggest you follow the link back read the rest of this fantastic article.


When a Feminist Gets Bumped for a Pornographer

Last week, midway through a leisurely Saturday afternoon, I got an email from MSNBC asking me to be on the Melissa Harris Perry Show a week later (July 7th). I was delighted to accept, as MHP is not your usual American journalist. A professor of political science at Tulane University, she is an outspoken African American feminist and a progressive voice in a media landscape dominated by right-wing talking heads. MSNBC is a rare media oasis in the U.S. where one gets to hear some actual critical analysis, so I—mistakenly, it turned out—thought this was going to be one of the few positive experiences I’ve had working with corporate-controlled media. In all honesty, after many years of being on talk shows in the U.S., I have come to expect very little in terms of integrity from the media. Their job is to boost ratings by making stories entertaining and light, and God help anyone who gets in their way.

I spent a long time on the phone with MHP’s producer talking about my research on the harms of porn and the ways women in the industry—especially women of color—are financially exploited and physically and emotionally dehumanized and debased. Given MHP’s feminist politics and her scholarly work on the representation of African American women in U.S. history, I was excited to do a show with an interviewer whom I expected would be engaging and thoughtful, in contrast to the usual adolescent sniggering I get from the male journalist who suddenly finds himself in the awkward position of interviewing a feminist who doesn’t think porn is fun.

But by the middle of the week things started to go very wrong. My last conversation with the producers was on the Sunday before the show, and I was told that I would get a call by Tuesday to confirm my travel details. Wednesday came, and no call. On Thursday, I got an email saying that the “segment is changing,” so they won’t need me. “Changing”… not canceled. To the uninitiated this might seem like splitting hairs, but I am an old hand at dealing with the media, and I have been in this position more times than I can count.

Let me explain how it often plays out: I get a call from a producer to do a show about porn, and in our pre-show discussion the producer is shocked to hear about what really goes on in the porn industry. He or she had no idea that hardcore porn (called “gonzo” by the industry and fans) is now mainstream on the Internet, that choking with a penis, slapping, hair pulling, and verbal abuse is the norm. The producer is horrified to hear that women in porn suffer repeatedly from rectal prolapse (because of pounding anal sex), and get diseases such as clamidia of the eye, gonorrhea of the throat, and fecal throat infections (because of the ATM act in which the penis goes from the anus to the mouth without washing). As we talk, I know exactly what is going on in the producer’s mind: they see their fun, hot-ratings-driver segment going down the tubes, and they are suddenly in the not-so-fun territory of cruelty, violence, and economic exploitation.

Go to Counterpunch for the rest of the story.

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