I’m not a big fan of Capitalism, nor its ideological bretheren libertarianism and objectivism.  And to my critics, yes I know…markets are wonderful they give us lots of choice blah blah, free market blah blah blah.

It would be all good if we could get away from the tremendous income inequalities that are endemic to capitalism.  Exploitation of the working class, the environment and even the state itself are all corollaries of the capitalism we know today.

Spare me the tales of the working business man fettered by government regulations and taxes.  Without the superstructure the state provides, you would not even have a business.    When discussing economic systems it never fails that I must cut through the glowing capitalist mythology to get even remotely close to what is really going on in the world.

I assume that it is why it is so difficult to debate Libertarians and Objectivists because their respective points of view dovetail so succinctly with capitalist ethos.  Greed is good, and if I am doing well then by that virtue others will benefit when I accumulate more wealth.

Whoops, more free market mythology.  It grows on ya, like ringworm.

What galls me more is the impertinence of the business class.  Privatizing the profits and letting the public assume the risk seems to be the grand strategy and sadly we let them get away with it.  Consistently.