Set individuality to 11!

I’ll say it straight out.  I am not a fan of Apple products.  They are easy to use, fantastic, but are they useful?  In my opinion, absolutely not.  I break technology.  I get mad, frustrated, annoyed even to the level of wanting to TISP!(*) my computers down a very dark and deep hole.  The thing is once fixed, through hard work and fair amount of luck, I know how to fix something if it breaks like that again or at least diagnose what not to do the next time.  Apple takes the me borking my hardware aspect out of computing, easier for me, but also  more limiting.  The CBC article mirrors some of my concerns.

“On one hand are the all-too-familiar complaints about pricing for the device’s 3G wireless capabilities. On the other are criticisms that Apple is trying to maintain too tight a control over what users can and can’t do with their gadgets, or that the company is trying to remake the web to its liking.”

Do not forget the requisite shaft for Canadian Broadband consumers:

“The company announced it would offer two plans, one allowing for 250 megabytes of monthly usage for $15 and another giving five gigabytes for $35. That angered potential customers, who pointed out on the company’s Redboard forum that AT&T in the United States was offering a superior plan — unlimited usage — for less money, or $30 (U.S.).

Rogers staff responded by saying that five gigabytes was more than enough usage based on its existing customers’ usage of smartphones and laptop data sticks.”

Lovely.   But unsurprising.

“Apple is maintaining similar tight control over what sort of content can go onto the iPad, and even what can be attached to it. The device lacks a CD or DVD drive, as well as a standard USB plug, which means that connecting to Apple’s iTunes through the company’s specially designed plug is the only easy way to get media onto the device.”

Steve Jobs and his for all of his proprietary bullshite can rightly be called His Most Excellent Buttplug of High Douchatude from now on.  I buy your hardware and then the only way I can put things on it is through a media pipe of your choosing.  Frack the hell off  Apple.

“The general public doesn’t think of the iPad as a device where someone other than the owner has the keys to it,” he said. “They haven’t thought, ‘Why is this allowed?’ They just think, ‘Oh, it’s a cool device.'”

And the general public is stupid.  Most of the i-crap is more about looking hip and cool.  Forget about net neutrality, open source and open access software, as long as my waste of skin peer group can identify me by my glaringly white ear buds I’m “good”.  The Apple phenomena is the hybridization of stupid people with stupid devices, profitable but ultimately not good for us.

Repackaged Trendy Shite for the Dullard Masses in 3...2...1...

(* TISP! – This Is Sparta! – boot to the chest; fall down hole)