Sorry, god mandates a needless death for you, have a nice day...

The story is almost always the same.  Worship the christian-sky daddy and women become second class citizens who get to die because ‘abortion is a sin’.  In the video the dude from the ‘health department’ mentions the moral and ethical nature of there society.   Letting women die because of lack of access to reproductive services is hardly fraking ethical behaviour.  I suggest to him that he untwist his head out of  Jebus’s asshole and start putting together a health program that respects women and their bodily autonomy as opposed to the heavenly ooga-booga in the sky.

Although abortions are strictly illegal in the Philippines, the medical procedure to terminate pregnancy flourishes in underground clinics.

Given their illegal and unregulated nature, risky procedures are often followed at the clinics, endangering lives.

According to the US-based Centre for Reproductive Rights, more than half a million women risk their lives annually by undergoing backstreet abortions. Out of them, about 1,000 die each year.