Trans-patriarchy/patriarchy. Not much difference if one observes material reality. A well written post articulating the appropriation of the term women and the sex specific issues that come with being female.


“Cis Women. Miright?”

This is an actual quote from the Geek Girl Puit’s article entitled, “Trans Girl Periods. Yes, that’s right. No, I’m being serious. Just read the damn article.”

I was reminded of this gem today when realized I had started my period. At the time of reading this, and frankly I don’t remember how I came across it, I remember googling more into the subject and being utterly pissed in trans women’s complete appropriation of periods. According to them, their hormone treatments fluctuate and once a month they get “period symptoms” – so they get “periods”, while “cis women” get “menstruating periods.” In other words, trans women appropriate the original term, despite complete lack of biological function related to the original term, while “cis women” have to define otherwise. And many trans women and liberal feminists are buying into this complete appropriation and false description of biology to…

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