I knew as soon as I saw this on my facebook feed, that a great tide was coming. The tide of ignorant entitled men who would disparage the very notion of mansplaining and try to make the conversation about them and their very important needs and problems.

The great tide of mansplination has crashed and to their credit the individuals behind Philosophy Matters has been doing and excellent job of schooling the dudes on the related comment thread.

I’m still just taken a bit aback by how, at least nominally, intelligent people do not understand such simple concept.  I’m guessing that it has much to do with the (wrong) idea that the experience in society is roughly the same for everybody.

Long time readers of DWR will recognize that highlighting the differing experiences of females and males in society is something of a theme around here and here we have an example on social media illustrating that there is still so much work to be done.

Thanks internet for confirming that my dislike of humanity in general is well-founded.