“I do know this: we cannot have this postmodernism and still have a meaningful practice of women’s human rights, far less a women’s movement. Ironically, and how postmodernism loves an irony, just as women have begun to become human, even as we have begun to transform the human so it is something more worth having and might apply to us, we are told by high theory that the human is inherently authoritarian, not worth having, untransformable, and may not even exist-and how hopelessly nineteenth-century of us to want it. (That few of the feminist postmodernists, had it not been for the theory of humanity they criticize, would have been permitted to learn to read and write-this is perhaps a small point.)”
Catharine A. Mackinnon, “Points against Postmodernism“, Chicago-Kent Law Review, Volume 75 Issue 3, Symposium on Unfinished Feminist Business, Article 5 (June 2000) [PDF]