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Christianity doesn’t have a clue what love is. It starts by fucking up the notion beyond all recognition right off the bat. God’s “love” is so great that if you swear eternal obedience and submission, he won’t torture you until the end of time, even though he knows full well you deserve it, you despicable mortal you. This ultimate perversion of love makes it possible for christians to say any atrocious action could be done “out of love”.

At it’s mildest, you have your run-of-the-mill bigots and misogynists, smiling sweetly as vile hatred pours out of their mouths. Middle of the road, we get people like the West Borrow Baptists who don’t bother with the duplicity of smiling or making the vitriol sound nice. They tell people flat out they deserve to burn and suffer endlessly in hell. Out of love, of course. The last step is to go beyond words to express christian “love” and demonstrate it physically, to the point murder if need be.

stop-child-abuse‘To Train Up a Child’ is a horrendously vile book, authored by a loathsome duo of wretches that the world would be better off without. That bears demands repeating. Michael and Debi Pearl, the repugnant writers of this appalling book, should not exist; the utter obliteration of their influence on our society would be an immeasurable boon. The teachings in their book, which include such deplorable tidbits like telling parents to starve and beat their children to break them into obedience, has resulted in yet another child’s murder.

In a story that caused a nauseating sense of deja-vu, another set of parents have been convicted of murder. The parents, looking to their faith for guidance on how to raise their children, took to heart the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl and their ‘No Greater Joy’ ministry. As a result, 13 year old Hana Williams died after three years of abuse.

Malnutrition, hypothermia, severe beatings, all part of the program that has lead to at least three cases of parents killing a child while adhering to the advice from the Pearls. I say ‘at least’ as that’s how many I’ve read about. I can only imagine the actual number of horror stories that have resulted from the malicious filth spread by these “loving” christians.

Is it a fringe element, just a few nutcases following a pair of backyard loons? Nope. The Pearls run a very successful ministry, bringing in an estimated $1.7 million a year. They are also the tip of the iceberg. Evangelicals adopting foreign children in order to ‘save their souls’ are an infestation of child abuse and neglect. The christian ‘spare the rod’ doctrine is as mainstream as it can get and it’s killing kids.

Christianity is vile, its idea of love is deplorable, and its witless followers are a threat to the innocent. Because monstrous brutality for your tyrannical “god” isn’t just old testament stuff, as many apologists would have you believe. It is born-again and murdering children for the glory of jebus!




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    The idea that religion is harmless and that it is good for people, is patently false.

The raging torrent of evil shit that religion is responsible for claims more victims every second we allow magical thinking to be acceptable and “OK” in our society.  It is a double header today, two videos for the price of one post.

Magical thinking kills children.  Belief in god kills children.  Christianity when insulated far enough away from the light of reason, kills children.  Here is one instance, this child died surrounded by adults who were praying to god to restore her to health.  She fracking had diabetes.  Diabetes is a treatable condition with access to medical treatment.

But no.  That is a little too sane.  A little too rational.

The father testified in court that he thought “God would heal his daughter…”

The mother, a good ‘christian’ woman was also convicted and could face up to 25 years for her ignorance along with her husband.  Send them away for 100 years, it does not matter as the damage is already done.  The child is dead because her parents were mired in wilful religious ignorance.   They were living in a foolish bronze age delusion that encourages belief in magic and myth at the expense of the real and the rational.

Our tour de force of religious stupidity limps onward.  First on the agenda the book called “To Train up a Child” by Michael and Debi Pearl(their website has ‘mysteriously gone 404, since their book was instrumental in the death and torture of children, go figure).  This ‘child rearing book’ prescription for the torture and abuse of children is an absolute travesty and prima facie evidence for how religion cloaks itself in morality while advocating the exact opposite.

Want to see evil in action?  Let’s grab a review from  (TW for ignorance and sadism)

“I recommend this book to everyone who has children!  (Obviously, because child abuse is not rampant enough, let’s get those numbers going through the roof!  This manual advocates beating your child until they comply.  Not a little ‘swat’ but laying into your child until they are crying and cowering so they know you mean ‘business’.  The second video in this post is about two fine christians who adopted children and then proceeded to beat one of them to death using the tried and true “biblical methods” described in this book.)
We lost the true understanding of discipline, and became so weak minded and selfish that we’ve produced spoiled, winning, uncontrolled “adults.” “Guiding” a child isn’t enough; and you don’t guild a child, you guild an adult. (Ah, so apparently torturing and beatings are will cure behavioural problems straight up.  This gets even more atrocious as this religious fuck-wit cites verse to perversely back up her child abusing ways.)
“The rod is to guide, not hit” is strictly unbiblical.  (Feeling the mercy and compassion of the bible already, I know I am. )

If your a christain the bible clearly instructs us to use the rod, ” Withhold not correction from the child; for if thou BEATEST him with the ROD, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the ROD, and shalt deliver his soul from hell (Prov 23:13-14).” “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chastenth him betimes (Prov. 13.24).” “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child let to himself bringeth his mother to shame(Prov. 29:15).” “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child: but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him (Prov 22:15).” How can you misinterpet that?  (Jesus-fuck, how  indeed could you misinterpret that?  I mean other than using your rationality and moral instincts to identify that the abuse and torture of children is wrong, how could you?)

It’s mind boggling how children act these days.. so unruly, so disrespectful to parents. We need to go back to the old time discipline, (biblical) and STOP listening to people with “degrees.”(Because careful study and observation of behaviour has been a complete write-off.  Yes, let us stop looking to science for answers because the bible knows better, let us get back to beating our kids so they fear us.)
Obviously, how they “think” our child should be raised isn’t working too well. (Back in the real world, the lessons children learn from violence are evident: fear of authority, blind obedience, might makes right.  Definite boons to society no? ) People need to have more children ( you need to have less, you ignorant fool), then they’ll understand. Our children is our future ( Not the ones, trained like yours, to use violence to obtain their goals ).
I am from a family of 9 children. I have 4 children 6years old and under. We read and applied “To Train up a Child” and it worked marvelously ( Violence, coercion and intimidation are always effective in the short term. I’m sure the psychological scarring won’t be too too bad, maybe all of your children won’t turn out to be as abusive as you.) People always commit on how well our children behave! ( As they comment on your ability to write, reflecting your tenious grasp on reality )  They are HAPPY scared shitless and so fun to be around, and we are planning to have more ( Once you get the torture-a-go-go rockn’ you just can’t stop!)!

I will be ordering multi copies because people are always asking where they can get a copy. It’s a short, easy read and straight to the point. (Child abuse is good) This book helps you to understand and apply what the bible teaches. ( how to abuse people and scar them for life, religion the gift that keeps on giving. ) If you want to produce responsible, respectful, obedient, happy, loving children this book is defiently a must!!!” ()
Written by a true believer…  But hey who am I to comment on this?  I am an avowed atheist and perhaps my treatment of this issue has not been charitable.  Lets see this book in action:

They only beat her for 7 hours before she died.

Read that again.  If you’re not feeling a little (or a lot) sick to your stomach by now, you have a problem, because you’re not grasping the enormity of the evil being perpetrated here.  These people, backed by their particular religious nonsense, tortured to death an innocent child.  There is no morality to be found in religion.

I point to QualiaSoup’s assertion on what morality actually is:  “Empathy, Experience, Reason and Knowledge –  When we KNOW better, we can DO better.  It does not get any more straightforward than this.  Religion is a barrier to knowing better and therefore has no place in any rational system of morals.  How many more grievous examples do we need before we can finally say that religion is an (ongoing) atrocity and a putrid stain on humankind that needs to be banished for the good of the species?

Welcome to the 21st century. A time where demonic possessions, cursed spirits, and other such notions of the supernatural manifestations have been gratefully laughed into the tabloids where no sane person, and certainly no judiciary body, would give them anything other than scorn and ridicule. Oh wait….it seems some courts haven’t learned much since the Dark Ages. Fuck… Today’s disservice comes from an article from yesterday’s Journal.

Two decades ago, in a Jewish court in Jerusalem, a secular lawyer was sentenced for insulting the court. I’m not sure, but I think the penalty for contempt of court around these parts is a fine, maybe a short jail term. I welcome any clarification on this point, as law is no speciality of mine. Whatever it is, it’s nothing like what the courts hand out in the “holy land”. The offending lawyer was cursed by the courts, that his soul would be reincarnated into the body of an impure dog.
That’s right. They cursed him.
If that was all there was to this story, we could just laugh at the silly religious nutbags who think they can curse/condemn/bless people because of their elite status with whatever deity, but alas no. As it has happened countless times before, the ludicrous notions of believers resulted in events much too horrible to be laughed off. Fast forward two decades and the court is interrupted by a dog who will not leave.

Well, says one of the judges, this must be that lawyer we cursed all those years ago. Seems he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Therefore, the good, just, and sane thing to do is sentence this dog to death. But a quick death is too good for him, thus we order the method of execution to be stoning! Praise be to our invisible sky-daddy!

A court, a judicial body, societal elites who are law experts, cursed one man and sentenced a dog to die by stoning. I am rebounding between incredulity at how ludicrous this is and disgust at how appalling this is. Mistreatment of animals is a grievous evil and being stoned to death is a horrifying fate, undeserved by even histories worst criminals. But it gets worse. The court decided that the stoning was to be carried out by local children. Children! I can only imagine what the psychological ramifications of having to not only witness, but take part in such a brutal and savage atrocity would do to an impressionable youth. I can’t even imagine what it would do to me. In one fell swoop, this court orders a barbaric act of animal cruelty and an unforgivable act of child abuse. Why? Because of their faith in the supernatural, and the arrogance that people can affect said supernatural through curses and blessings.

Fortunately, this double dose of monstrous infamy was ultimately thwarted. Not by reason, of course. The religious are impervious to logic when it comes to their faith. No, the dog somehow managed to escape on its own. I would like to think that someone there, anyone, saw the horror of the intended sentence and made it so the dog could get away. I would like to think that a seed of doubt took just enough root to drive someone into action against the ‘holy court’, even if only to anonymously save a dog. A wild hope, I know, but at present, wild hopes are all I that I can muster for the religiously controlled areas of the world.

The Roman Catholic Church is a corrupt institution that continues to support the rape and molestation of children on top of preaching bat-shite crazy baffle-gab to the deluded.  Such malignant evil has no place in the 21st century.

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