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Ah hahahah…  No.


The absolute inanity of trans-ideology on display.  The last paragraph deserves special recognition for the slavish dedication to the gender normative practices in society that oppress women.

“Men put on trousers and have men’s haircuts, and women put on dresses and skirts, feminine tops and tights and women’s shoes to show their femininity and declare to the world they are female.”

Femininity is a patriarchal construct that serves to distinguish full human beings (men) from those of lesser status(women).  ‘Declaring your femininity’ is trumpeting your second class status in society.

How about this.  People can wear whatever clothes they would like, and should not have to worry about the societal proscribed gender-bullshit affixed to them.  A skirt is clothing. Humans wear clothing.  Therefore it (a skirt) should be socially ‘appropriate’ for all humans to wear.

How hard is that?






    The binary view of gender is a regressive patriarchal notion that needs to be abolished and the sooner the better.  The gender binary hurts women and men as people are shoehorned into roles that they are not suited for and then judged as being deficient by society according to these normative values.  Gender, in fact, lies along a continuum rather than any artificial divide.

So, what explains actions like this?

“Today’s award for bigotry and intolerance goes to one Richard Floyd, a GOP State Rep. from Tennessee who has introduced legislation that would ban transgender individuals from using public restrooms and dressing rooms that are not designated for the gender listed on their birth certificates. What’s more, Rep. Floyd said in a recent interview that if he “was standing at a dressing room and my wife or one of my daughters was in the dressing room and a man tried to go in there” (by which he means a transgender person), he would “stomp a mudhole” in that person.”

Ah, here is where what sociologists and psychologists talk about when they say that gender roles are enforced by society.  Here we have a supposedly sane elected individual saying on public record that he would beat someone up if they dared use the bathroom that did not match the meat-parts they were born with.

It gets worse… Richard Floyd the lawmaker in question continues with this (emphasis mine):

“Don’t ask me to adjust to their perverted way of thinking and put my family at risk. We cannot continue to let these people dominate how society acts and reacts.”

Respecting the gender your brain is programmed with is a perversion?  Really?  Dick, what makes you think that your conception of gender is the correct one?  I mean, did someone make you president/godhead of the gender division institute and that your word IS the law? Oh wait, he is a white male and thus what he spake can only be considered “truth“.

Traditional conceptions of gender have a corrosive effect in our society with regards to tolerance and understanding people who are different than ourselves.  Gender norms are in desperate need of a overhaul.


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