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I love the Bible.  I love christians who don’t actually take the time to read this heinous turd of bronze-age mendacity.  I extra-love christians who claim that there can be no morality without god.  Basing your morality on the dubious actions and pronouncements of a god-head who is self contradictory and malicious seems to be a very bad idea.  Discern4, a youtube author takes a look at one of the most problematic issues of the bible; slavery.

God - Waffler on Slavery

You see, my christian friends, apologists, and the religiously deluded in general if god were actually there and writing down good moral code for his “children” to follow one would expect His wisdom to contain something like this:

“Slavery is an abomination”

The problem is that you don’t actually see anything like this going on in either the old or new testaments.   So saying that the bible is a good place to start for objective morality,as long as you over look slavery seems a little far fetched (rape and genocide are also notably absent, you would think our omniscient creator would have a little foresight and mention these little transgressions).  My arguments aside, watch as our holy creator waffles about slavery being both bad and good…and then bad…and then….

Oh, and Happy New Year – May your thinking be less delusion and religiously addled in this fine new year. :)


*update* – Watch christian goodwill in action.  I couldn’t resist…apologies for the 3 video post.

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