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It’s almost like ‘free-speech’ has very different meanings for different classes of people…

“Pornography is hate speech against women. If it was any other group that was made object to such depictions it would be rightly banned and decried. Again, I reiterate my point that when Bumfights was made, homeless and socio-economically disadvantaged boys and men were made to perform degrading acts on camera for cash. These videos were then disseminated and profited from. This rightly had a huge outcry.

Yet there is a several billion dollar industry that does this to girls and women every single day and no one gives a shit. In fact, men masturbate to it. The men behind the industry lobby politics and other industries to push their product (the commercial rape on camera of girls and women,) and continue to profit while girls and women on and off screen suffer for it. For men to get off to. That’s fucked up.”

-Found on Grumpybabcia

In a word, “No”.  As a tonic to what liberal porn-sick dudes would like you to believe, here is the long answer.

“Akin to art. LMAO

Porn is the antithesis of art. Porn destroys creative minds. Porn both reflects and creates a culture that stifles creativity and instead serves up (wholly unoriginal) female degradation on a platter, a truth that is immediately verifiable when we examine our culture. Porn teaches men to see women as fuck objects, and in our society, women are treated as fuck objects. Porn teaches people there is no rape. Our society treats rape as a joke. Porn teaches men that there is nothing you can do to a woman that will hurt her. Sexual violence, rape, BDSM, VAW, all thrive in our reality. Porn teaches women their sexuality is dirty, disgusting, and only relevant when found appealing by a man. Porn teaches women their bodies are inadequete, and surgeries to ‘correct’ female bodies abound.

There is nothing artistic about porn. Porn is capitalism + patriarchy, both of which are completely incapable of being creative except when dreaming up new ways to subjugate women, destroy cultures, and ruin lives—all to MAKE MONEY AND KEEP WOMEN IN SEXUAL SERVITUDE. 

 The fact that some people find themselves aroused by violent and sexually abusive imagery is NOT a positive benefit of pornography. It’s the opposite. The fact that you can type abuse into a search bar and be presented with a plethora of REAL WOMEN sustaining REAL INJURIES and pretend that it’s just masturbation, it’s just fantasy, is so fucking ignorant, and the cognitive dissonance it creates is the foundation of a society that can’t understand women beyond stereotypes. Men have learned and continue to teach that women are there to take care of them, as mother and whore, and women SUFFER.

Yes, porn is something that has an effect. But that effect is not ejaculation. It’s human trafficking, a global rape epidemic, and everyday suffering of human females everywhere. If that makes you come, you are a sick fuck.”


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