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Sometimes “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” just isn’t strong enough. In one of my recent youtube sessions I ran quite the emotional gamut. Let’s start on a high note, shall we?

The Fantastic

First we have a long overdue “Hero of the Day”. For quite some time, the youtuber Vihart has been producing superb content that celebrates the wonders and joys of math. Irresistibly fun, endlessly charming, and mind-blowingly wondrous, Vihart’s videos present math in a delightful and accessible manner. I recommend that everyone take the time to watch as much Vihart as they can, especially educators. This is how math class ought to be. How marvellous it would be if more children played with mobius strips and wanted Mexa-hexa-flexa-gons for supper.

In her latest video, Vihart expands on one of her previous videos and makes a 3D audio braid. You’ll need earphones for this one, or surround sound. Watch, be amazed, delight in the sonic wonders of math.

The Wretched and The “Oh F*ck, No”

Whilst riding this emotional high of mathematical elation and renewed hope for future generations that will still care about math because of extraordinary projects like those by Vihart, I came across this next video. I crashed. I burned. I debated on whether ‘future generations’ was an option we really ought to pursue.

The two stories presented in this video are beyond ludicrous. The staggering amount of harmful stupid and horrific wrongness exposed here boggle the mind. It’s like I’ve been slapped in the face, but the stunned shock will not wear off. Just watch.

If humanity has any hope at all, it is with educators like Vihart. People who make curiosity, learning, science, and math fun. People who find their passion and wonder in reality and share it with the rest of us. The more children (and in turn, the public) are inspired to think, to be inquisitive, to actually care what is real, the less idiocy like that in the last video will be a part of our society.

If you haven’t checked out all the Vihart links in the first part of this post, now is probably a good time. It will make you feel better.

Cheering for a credit rating downgrade.  They play with sparklers in fireworks factories too.  *sigh*


Watching stupid people do and say stupid things in Texas.  Admittedly, low hanging fruit, but great fodder for low blogging weeks. :)

   It is comforting to see that our financial myopia extends to the production and export of asbestos.  If the tarsands and the associated environmental degradation is a slam dunk for Canada, for then exporting asbestos should hardly be on the radar.

“Canada won the fight, for at least another two years, to keep asbestos off an international list of hazardous chemicals as discussions wrapped up in Geneva on Friday.

The conference of participants to the Rotterdam Convention ended without agreement on whether to add chrysotile asbestos to the Annex 3 list.

The country was one of only a handful — and the only western country — to maintain its objection until the end of the week, denying the conference the consensus it needed to make the change.”

Conservative cabinet ministers in Ottawa insisted the lung-cancer-causing substance can be used safely.

Right on!  The Conservative government making a principled stand for industry and profit, frack the science and those damn weenie Europeans.  What does fact have to do with this issue?

Apparently the NDP gets it.

“Asbestos is the greatest industrial killer the world has ever known. More people die from asbestos than all industrial causes combined, yet Canada continues to be one of the largest producers and exporters in the world. We are exporting human misery on a monumental scale,” said NDP MP Pat Martin. “Our position is morally and ethically reprehensible.”

Full marks for rhetoric, but the message is pretty clear.  Unlike the Liberal party who seem to think it is a great idea with a few ‘realistic’ qualifications.

Liberal MP Marc Garneau said despite Paradis’ insistence that asbestos can be used safely, he should know that’s not the case in developing countries.

“This minister knows full well that it’s very difficult to use chrysotile in the proper working conditions. The procedures, the training, the complex equipment to use it in a safe way so that fibres aren’t accidentally breathed in,” Garneau said. “He cannot assure us that this is not being used improperly in countries that import it, Third World countries … This is willful blindness.”

Err…yah, so let’s take India where the majority of the people don’t really do the shoe thing.  I’m sure they are ready for industrial grade lung death prevention procedures.

“But Paradis returned to the response he and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver have been offering since the Rotterdam Convention meetings started in Geneva earlier this week.

“We know that recent studies show that chrysotile can be used in a safe and controlled manner,” Paradis said. “This is risk management, so we know that chrysotile can be used safely in a controlled environment.”

Misery and drowning in your own fluids for the poor, but for the asbestos industry it is all smiles and chuckles.  I become more proud to be Canadian every day under this conservative government.

We can safely file this entire shit for brains episode under “how religion makes you stupid and how it makes you do stupid things” or even “religious belief = full on pants-on-head retarded”.

Islam the aptly named religion of peace is responsible for the recent riots and the killing of (more) innocents in Afghanistan. Of course we almost instantly know when Westerners are killed in Afghanistan. Contrast this story with the media coverage of the native people are slaughtered every day in Afghanistan if when they are counted.  Pro-innocent civilian death concerns aside, the general assholery of war seems to have gone exponential as of late.  People are losing their minds because some crack pot christian god-bag in Florida burnt a Qur’an or two.  It is therefore logical to riot and kill people because you burnt their magic book. (!)

“At least nine people were killed and dozens more injured Saturday after protests took a violent turn in Kandahar city, the office of the Kandahar government said.

On Friday, Afghans protesting the Qur’an burning stormed a United Nations compound in northern Afghanistan, killing seven foreigners.”

Unbelievable.  People have to die because the extra-deluded are getting their shit in a twist over the actions of a christian

Captain deluded to the resuce!

fundy-loon in Florida.   It gets better though. Pastor Dense as fracking Neutron-star has the gall to say this:

Wayne Sapp, a pastor at the church, called the events “tragic” but said he did not regret the actions of his church.

“I in no way feel like our church is responsible for what happened,” Sapp said in a telephone interview on Friday.”

This epitome of douchatude does not “feel like our church is responsible” for what happened.  Out here in rational land the stupid meters just fused solid.  As a self appointed spokesperson of the atheist rationalist community let me spell this gordion knot of a problem out for you.

Many muslims are batshite-crazy deluded over their magic book.  Given previous incidents (cartoons etc) it takes little in the way of worldly knowledge to guess what would happen if you well..oh say..publicize and then burn their mystical tome of puerile foolishness religious righteousness.  I may have spoken too soon, perhaps this wisdom of the ages does escape the religious as they do have the tendancy to avoid facts when dealing with reality.  How many other groups of people that, with the fracking Everest sized mountain of evidence for evolution crammed sideways up their ass, can still bray about the veracity of the biblical flood and the other assorted creationist mind-farts they purport to believe in?

I’ll be charitable and say only a select portion of christians are as ass-backwards as their Islamic counterparts.   Don’t get too smug my christian friends, this slots you only milimeters above those with a profound belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

So essentially, this is a story about two religiously addled groups who possess only the IQ necessary to breath and pray, insulting each other and seeing who wins the title for committing flossing-baby-out-of-your-teeth evil.

“An Associated Press photographer estimated the crowd at a few thousand and said demonstrators had smashed his camera and roughed up other journalists.

We want you to live in the Dark Ages too!

The desecration of the Qur’an has outraged millions of Muslims and others worldwide.”

The level of backward, barbaric, nuclear grade stupidity has also outraged the non addled worldwide.

We’re an evolving species, with each generation being honed by the forces of natural selection to become more efficient… Until you meet people like this:

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – “Authorities say a man who had three outstanding warrants for his arrest gave officers a false name during a traffic stop — but ended up in custody anyway because that man was also wanted.

Court records say that during a traffic stop Monday in Great Falls, Jonothan Ray Gonsalez, of Box Elder, told police that his name was Timothy Michael Koop Jr.

The officer learned a man by that name was wanted in Hill County and arrested him.”

Giving an alias that also has a warrant attached to it is a new low of stupidity. I’m thinking we should let more people run with scissors at early age, as stories like this break my brain.

The Provincial Progressive Conservative party in Alberta should really jettison the ‘progressive’ part of their name.  They have not done anything particularly progressive since the latest oil company approved election campaign nominated Ed Stelmach as First Courtier to Big Business Premier of Alberta.   We really do get what we deserve when we continually vote the PC’s into office, namely a province run for the benefit of business rather than the benefit of the people.  It makes sense then to turf knowledgeable specialists such as Raj Sherman when he dares to make a evidence based argument instead of what the party line dictates.

“The Alberta MLA who criticized his own government over its handling of backlogs in the province’s emergency rooms has been suspended from the Tory caucus.  Raj Sherman, the Progressive Conservative MLA for Edmonton-Meadowlark and an emergency room physician, made headlines over the past week for his sharp criticism of Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and how the province has managed long lines in the province’s ERs.”

Won’t the optics look back for the Government when they boot out a doctor for speaking up about an area of expertise? Sherman says:

No more evidence based decisions for you!

“For me, it’s really a matter of principle. I guess the principles of being a doctor and advocating for patients collided with the principles of politics,” Sherman said.

“I don’t see a reason why they would have needed to collide. I think politicians and doctors, voters and patients are one and the same. But for me it’s a bit of a sad day.”

Sherman said he will now sit as an Independent.”

It is a bit of sad day for all Albertans because stuff like this gets buried so quickly in the province and then come voting time, we elect, you guessed it, more PC’s into office.  So, should we really be surprised anymore when such decisions are undertaken?  Not in Alberta, where a tie clip that ran for the PC’s would get elected.




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