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Hmm…I have not heard much about the War on Christmas this year, but we should review the case to be made for altering, appending, and subverting holiday traditions in general, just for some perspective.


It has come to the attention of credible journalists and serious Christian scholars, that Starbucks – owned by a JEW!!! – hates Baby Jesus, Christians, and Christmas, and has been trying to subvert and destroy Christian America(TM)’s sacred Christmas traditions, by gradually removing Christian imagery from its Holiday CHRISTmas red cups!  Clearly the End Times are upon us, as persecution of Christians everywhere ramps up to levels unheard of in modern times!

I have undertaken to document Starbucks’ dastardly deed over the last 11 years, so that evidence of their perfidious treachery will be preserved – the Internet is forever!!!  Below the cut: my trenchant analysis of the anti-Christian trend of Starbucks’ Holiday CHRISTmas cup imagery! Read the rest of this entry »

       Christmas concert banned, replaced by holiday concert! – “Happy Holidays” replacing “Merry Christmas”! – Christmas Trees not allowed in school!

Stay tuned for more stories about the oppressed majority desperately clutching their peals throughout the holiday season.

People will certainly get themselves tied up in knots over the strangest bullshite.  Just ask Michael Coren from the Sun as he saunters through a frothy article about the “War on Christmas” and the evil wrought by secular forces.  Bonus points if you caught the implied sneer when he compares secular people with the OWS movement.

Shitty opinion pieces aside, the fact remains that Christmas as a holiday (season) is not going anywhere soon.  The Christmas season is entirely too profitable for business and by this base fact alone we will not have to worry about Christmas going the way of the dodo.  Jebus needs a new blu-ray player….ohhhh yaaa!  *sigh*

Rapacious consumerism is the sturdy superstructure of Christmas, the foundations are all but unshakable – all that is left to do is bloviate about which thin trappings we stretch over the capitalist orgy that defines the season.  Happy Holidays? – Watch out!  Holiday Tree? – Satan himself.

Does it matter?  Not one bit.

Where it does matter a bit is in the public school system.  In theory we have a secular school system and therefore we should not privilege any one set of magical beliefs over the other.  In context of the school system it does make sense to have a Holiday Tree and to have a Holiday Concert as not every child is of the delusional christian variety.  We should respect the brainwashing of other crappy mythology just as much as the flaccid christian ballyhoo and not push our beliefs unnecessarily on others.

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