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It is estimated that there was 5 to 12 tons of manure a day on the Ark. Now there was a window on top of that Ark that could be opened — it actually was on the side, not the top, it’s on the side — where they could throw it out if they needed to, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it piled piled piled, they had a way getting rid of it, no doubt.

To reiterate: He’s saying Noah’s family — all eight of them — managed to clear away up to 12 tons of animal shit on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever wondered how so many people could believe a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible, it’s because they never stop to think about what that means. They just accept without questioning. It’s a horrible way to go through life.


It takes the fun out of the Disservice if they do *all* the work. :/

Sign that says: Allergies & Congestion?  Try Colon Hydrotherapy

This is not photoshop.

What is colon hydrotherapy, you ask? It’s an enormous enema. A Dieticians of Canada publication describes it as follows:

Colonic cleansing or irrigation, touted as a treatment for cleansing the colon, involves the insertion of a rubber tube through the rectum into the large intestine. A continuous forced flow of up to 20 gallons of warm water eventually causes the body to expel the contents of the colon with the water. Colonic cleansing has been legally approved by Health Canada for use before radiologic endoscopic examination. Various peer-reviewed scientific studies were also found exploring pre-operative colonic cleansing as a means to prepare patients for a medical examination of the colon. A meta analysis investigating the efficacy of such treatment, for other than medically necessary purposes, concluded that there are no benefits derived from mechanical bowel cleansing; on the contrary, such a treatment may lead to further complications. Medical doctors do not recommend colon cleansing unless it is performed by a physician in preparation for a medical examination of the colon.

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