Let us establish something right here, right now and forever.  Whenever a women says in public they’ve been raped they are taking a huge chance.   The patriarchal fuckwittery that surrounds women speaking up against those that have violated them is sickening.  It is not her fault for what happened to her, it does not matter what happened before, what she was wearing, where she was walking, how she was walking as soon as she expresses “do NOT want” it is all on the other person to immediately STOP.  End of line, end of story, end of fracking everything – human beings with a conscience and awareness of others do stop, rapists don’t.  The problem is you can’t tell which is which.

1 in 4 women will be sexually abused in their lifetime.   Go to any social situation and you will be looking at survivors of rape and abuse.  Oh and why is the incidence so high?  Shouldn’t women go to the authorities if it was a “serious problem?”

Oh, because going to the authorities isn’t very fucking effective.   Smack you with a clue by four, twice for good measure if you were thinking of going down that route.  So going public means (adding on top of the emotional damage already done, you know from being forcibly violated) being shamed, blamed and shunned by your social circle and society and most likely there will be no consequences for Mr.Rapeity-Rape Pants.  How about a rousing fuck-you for the people who declare that equality is achieved and we live in a post-feminist age.

What can you do?  Rapists are in your circle of friends, you’ve seen them in action as they move with near impunity.  Stop providing them with the social acceptance that makes what they do so easy for them.  Call them out for being/acting like a creep, and don’t let it go till they leave the premise where they are creeping about.  You can’t fix all the patriarchal shite that we have to swim through, but you can clean up the small pool you inhabit.